Difference Between Medallion Premium and Deluxe Cabinets


Difference Between Medallion Premium and Deluxe Cabinets

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Difference Between Medallion Premium and Deluxe Cabinets

Medallion cabinet reviews present an idea of which type might suit your desired cabinet design. Choosing the perfect cabinets for the house can be quite a tiresome job if you don’t decide on a particular style. Numerous designs and styles are available to give you infinite choices. 

Medallion Cabinets are one among them. These long-standing cabinets are designed with a history to speak to your generation. The fact behind this is the quality of the medallion cabinets. They are made with hardwood and proper wood furnishing to speak beyond the generations. 

Let us know which two different types of medallion cabinets, the premium cabinet design and the deluxe cabinet design, are most popular in today’s market and which one would satisfy your cabinet requirements.

For making a much-informed choice, you can also check our detailed guide on medallion cabinet reviews, now let’s get started.

Successful Design

Difference Between Medallion Premium and Deluxe Cabinets

The medallion cabinets are the most successful designs in the country. The reason behind this is simple. The medallion cabinets offer customization options with 100+ doors and 90+ finishing patterns. This is made of solid wood to stay long-lasting. The product is made in the USA with high prices without any eco-friendly commitment. As this has the constant high-quality wooden cabinet option, these are considerably expensive. 

Deluxe Cabinets

Deluxe CabinetsDeluxe Cabinets

The deluxe cabinets are a unique platform for buying your medallion cabinets in an orderly pattern. This platform consists of an expert collection hand-picked with the most interesting and popular among the crowd, door styles, and finishes with selected modifications. This comes as a selected design tailored with beautiful choices with a restricted piece of styles and customization. 

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Premium Cabinets

Premium CabinetsPremium Cabinets

The premium is always the luxury treatment. You will get the world of collections and infinity styles over 30 doors, and you can choose special finishing techniques from glazing to distressing. And one more mind-blowing additional feature is it comes with extensive modification for your customized designs. 

The Difference Between Premium and Deluxe Cabinets

The name itself can explain the difference between the two Cabinets. The deluxe has limited design options to choose from, yet the premium gives you access to a whole bunch of choices with customizing options, too. 

The premium door styles are the style to match anyone’s personal taste from casual, traditional, or modern. Meanwhile, the deluxe cabinet door styles are chosen with expertise, popularity, and the versatility of the style in use. 

The premium cabinets are categorized into five variations such as,

  • Raised panel doors: Alpine, Amarillo, Vienna, Villanova, Prentice, Eden, Fayette, Dover,  Whitman and Ashland
  • Flat panel doors: Marshfield, Townsend, La Selle, Wyndham, Alcott, Camden, Oak Park, and Emerson.
  • Beaded panel doors: harborside, Cardiff, Henley, and Sundance. 
  • Reversed raised doors: Hawthorne, Riverton, Dawson, and Sawyer.
  • Specialty panel doors: Baylor, Holloway, Quinn, and Everest.

The deluxe cabinet door styles are categorized into four variables such as,

  • Raised panel doors: Bristol and Salem.
  • Flat panel doors: Centennial, Chatham, Lowell, and McKay.
  • Beaded: Bryson, Monticello, vermillion, and Provence.
  • Specialty panel doors: Keaton, Afton, and Solomon. 

And the final difference will be the cost of your medallion cabinets. The deluxe will be less expensive with the popular choices you have been looking for. The premium sector is a bit more expensive when compared to the deluxe type, as it has a wide range of styles and numerous options to customize. 

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Know the Difference! 

Before choosing your medallion cabinet design, you might be going through all the emotional questions from the outside and inside. Are these worth the hype? Is it okay to spend a whole lot of money on kitchen remodeling?

The medallion cabinet design has been partitioned into two categories: premier and deluxe cabinets. The premium one has all the benefits and features of a medallion cabinet. Yet the deluxe option will have only a restricted amount of access to the designs. 

Thanks to the designers, they have done a wonderful job by presenting them in an orderly manner to provide popular and unique options in a widespread catalog. Which style are you going to choose? The deluxe or the premium?

Don’t forget to comment us below with your choice and it’s outcome!

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