BJAK road tax renewal service is not authorised by JPJ


BJAK road tax renewal service is not authorised by JPJ

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BJAK road tax renewal service is not authorised by JPJ

Road Transport Department (JPJ) has revealed that the online insurance aggregator BJAK was not authorised to operate road tax renewal service. This is after the regulator received complaints from the public regarding BJAK’s road tax offerings including the “free” road tax promo that we highlighted last month.

In its statement, JPJ said the agency and the Ministry of Transport (MOT) have never given their approval for BJAK to run the road tax renewal service. JPJ added that a recent statement by BJAK in which the company claimed that its renewal service has been “audited, validated, and approved by JPJ” was not true.

JPJ received major complaints about BJAK

(Image source: JPJ / X.)

JPJ has also highlighted two major complaints from the public in regards to BJAK which include the additional fee that was imposed on customers who want to renew their road tax through the company. Some customers also said the expiry dates of their road tax were not updated after they renewed it through BJAK.

The agency said that BJAK’s backend system was not linked to its MySIKAP which does not come as a surprise. Furthermore, neither JPJ nor MOT has approved BJAK to impose such a fee on its customers.   

JPJ only has three official external business partners for road tax renewal


Given the subject, the regulator took the opportunity to clear the air regarding road tax renewal by external parties. JPJ confirmed that the agency only has three official external business partners when it comes to road tax renewals:

  • Pos Malaysia
  • MyEG
  • Puspakom
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Of course, members of the public are more than welcome to renew their road tax through JPJ’s own official channels which include physical counters, kiosks, and JPJ Mobile counters. They can also renew their tax online through JPJ’s portal and MyJPJ mobile apps.

BJAK road tax renewal service still running as usual

BJAK Online Road Tax Renewal - May 2024
Online road tax renewal service on BJAK’s website, as captured at 5:15 PM today.

Even though JPJ is not happy with BJAK’s claim and promo, the agency did not say whether it will pursue legal action against the aggregator. In its statement, JPJ only advised the public to be vigilant and not to engage with unauthorized parties that offer road tax renewal services.

Despite JPJ’s remark, the road tax renewal service on BJAK’s website is still running as usual based on our visit at 5:15 PM today. We have since reached out to BJAK’s representatives to obtain further clarifications, so stay tuned.

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