How to redeem RM300 voucher from AirAsia


How to redeem RM300 voucher from AirAsia

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How to redeem RM300 voucher from AirAsia

Low-cost carrier AirAsia has announced that it will continue to support the FLYsiswa initiative which aims to provide flight ticket subsidy for university students. This comes after the reinstatement of the FLYsiswa initiative by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia.

According to the airline, more than 90% of the 24,730 students who claimed the voucher with AirAsia in 2023 have flew home with them. With the expansion of AirAsia’s routes which include the addition of flights between Penang and Kuching as well as Penang and Kota Kinabalu in March, students now have access to 47 routes across the airline’s extensive domestic network to bridge Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, as well as within East Malaysia.

What is FLYsiswa?

FLYsiswa was introduced by the Ministry of Transport last year as an initiative to help university students travel between their place of origin and their place of study. It was aimed at strengthening ties between Peninsular and Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, while helping to tackle the issue of cost of living. For 2023, the initiative was estimated to cost RM16.8 million which was meant to benefit over 56,000 public university students throughout Malaysia.

FLYsiswa is open to students of public universities, polytechnic and community colleges under the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as Matriculation Colleges and Teacher’s Institutes under the Ministry of Education. An eligible student must be registered with their respective higher education institutions on 31st December 2023 for Phase 1 (Starting 1st May 2024) and 31st March 2024 for Phase 2 (Starting 1st July 2024).

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FLYsiswa 2024: RM300 digital voucher for eligible students

The FLYsiswa initiative is now open for applications until 30th November 2024. The voucher must be utilised for a flight booking by 31st December 2024. According to AirAsia, you can book flights using the RM300 FLYsiswa voucher for the travel period up to 31st December 2025.

Eligible students will be able to redeem RM300 voucher from an airline of their choice which include Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Batik Air, Mas Wings and FireFly. The voucher can only be used for economy flight tickets between Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, Sabah to Sarawak or Labuan, Sarawak to Sabah or Labuan and Labuan to Sabah or Sarawak.

If a flight booking is less than RM300, the remaining balance will be kept as a credit shell which can be used for another flight booking. You can check your eligibility by entering your NRIC on MOT’s FLYsiswa portal.

How to redeem RM300 FLYsiswa voucher with AirAsia in 2024?

To redeem the voucher, just visit AirAsia’s FLYsiswa page and click “Redeem Now”. You’ll need to fill up a form with your information and then click submit. Once your application is successful, you’ll receive a code via email.

To use the voucher, just login to AirAsia on their platform and proceed to book your flight. On the checkout page, be sure to enter the voucher number to utilise the RM300 flight subsidy.

As a reference, here’s a list of eligible flights for the FLYsiswa initiative:

Eligible Flights for FLYsiswa

For more information, you can visit AirAsia’s FLYsiswa page.


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