The Always On, Always Connected experience of smartphones comes to Windows laptops


The Always On, Always Connected experience of smartphones comes to Windows laptops

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This post is brought to you by Qualcomm.

Since the mid-2000s, smartphones have been predominantly powered by processors with ARM architecture. This is due to the architecture’s efficiency in delivering longer battery life and better performance per watt of power. When you couple that with a compact system design, it makes for an ideal solution for a mobile device.

As such, Qualcomm is aiming to transform the mobile computer experience by bringing similar features and conveniences that you are accustomed to on a smartphone to a laptop. If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because your Android smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, is powered by an ARM processor made by Qualcomm.

But before you question the ability of a smartphone processor to deliver the performance required of a computer and its desktop operating system, you should know that Qualcomm has a separate line of ARM processors with much higher performance and power.

Snapdragon X Elite is the latest processor from Qualcomm that’s set to power laptops launching in 2024. Thanks to the ARM architecture, the Snapdragon X Elite can provide features not commonly seen on a traditional Windows laptop running on an x86 architecture.

Let’s quickly explore some key features by looking at how Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite powers your daily computing tasks.

Beginning the day on a full charge, you check your email, calendar, schedule, and to-do list, before browsing your favourite news site like The Qualcomm processor in your smartphone can already breeze through these tasks, so the Snapdragon X Elite in your laptop will have no problem handling these tasks effortlessly.

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Right as you finish your breakfast and book a taxi to work, you get a text message from your colleague with a OneDrive link to download some large files regarding a project. With the taxi a couple of minutes away, you start the download. With support up to Wi-Fi 7 on the Snapdragon X Elite platform, the internet connection remains stable, and the download speed is fast.

But just as you reach 90% completion on the download, the taxi arrives so you need to get going. However, even away from your home and the Wi-Fi router, productivity doesn’t need to end as the Snapdragon X Elite platform brings to the laptop the always-on, always-connected technology of smartphones.

This is achieved by a built-in SIM card slot with support for both 4G, and the much faster 5G connectivity. Just like your smartphone, the laptop will seamlessly switch over to mobile data when a Wi-Fi connection is lost, allowing for seamless connectivity while on the go. You don’t need to fumble with your smartphone to enable a hotspot anymore.

Therefore, once the download is completed, you can get a head start on work by going through the project files and using all the internet-powered apps while on your commute to work. Microsoft has optimised its first-party software to work natively on the ARM architecture and Windows 11 ARM.

This means you can work with apps in Microsoft Office 365 just like you would on any Windows laptop. Apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will run just as well on your laptop as they would on a traditional x86-based computer.

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Should you need to join an important video call, Snapdragon X Elite features AI noise cancellation to reduce background noise from leaking into the conference call. Therefore, the sound of the bustling city is less of a distraction during the meeting.

Once you reach the office, there’s no need to run to your table to plug in the laptop to a charger. With up to 25 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can rest assured that you can access your laptop all day while staying mobile.

Built for AI, Snapdragon X Elite is the most powerful, intelligent, and efficient mobile processor ever created for Windows laptops in its class, allowing you to navigate demanding workloads across productivity, creativity, entertainment, and more, effortlessly.

To stay informed on the latest news, updates regarding the Snapdragon X Elite platform developments, and product availability, you can follow Qualcomm’s official Instagram page.

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