300Mbps fibre & Security Home Kit for RM159/month


300Mbps fibre & Security Home Kit for RM159/month

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Unifi has expanded its home fibre broadband offering with a new Smart Home Security Kit bundle. Besides bundling your Unifi home broadband with Unifi TV and Unifi Mobile, the broadband provider is now offering a new “Unifi Lifestyle” option where you can bundle home devices on contract.

At the moment, TM is offering a 300Mbps Unifi Home Broadband and a Unifi Lifestyle Premium Pack consisting of a TP-Link Home Security Kit for only RM159/month. The normal price for this bundle is RM176.50 but TM is now offering a RM17.50 monthly rebate throughout the 24-month contract period.

Interestingly, you can’t choose other Unifi home fibre speed options or add-on other Unifi TV or Unifi Mobile services. If you need to bundle Unifi Home with Unifi TV, Unifi Mobile and Unifi Lifestyle, you’ll have to call a sales representative for more information.

The 300Mbps home broadband plan offers download speeds of 300Mbps and uploads of 50Mbps. You’ll get a WiFi 6 router but there’s no Netflix subscription included for this package. According to the fine print, you’ll get a RM100 Shopee voucher if you sign up online with the promo code ‘UniVerse’. As a reference, TM currently offers a standalone 300Mbps Home fibre plan for RM139/month with Netflix Basic included or a 500Mbps Home fibre plan for RM159/month without Netflix (RM198.90/month with Netflix).

For the sole Premium Pack bundle, you’ll receive a TP-Link Smart Hub with Chime, 2x TP-Link Smart Door/Window sensor TP-Link Smart Motion Sensor, an indoor TP-Link AI Home Security WiFi Camera, a TP-Link outdoor Security WiFi Camera and a Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR control.

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According to the FAQ, this Smart Home Security add-on bundle is offered to existing Unifi Home customers on 30Mbps and above, but on Unifi’s website, you could only bundle it with a 300Mbps fibre broadband option. The Smart Home devices come with a 24-month local warranty except for the smart speaker which is only covered by a 12-month local warranty.

Also included is a 90-day free Tapo Cloud Storage to store your CCTV footage in the cloud. The Smart home devices are for you to keep after you’ve completed your 24-month contract period and settled all of your payments. Once you’ve signed up for the 300Mbps Unifi Fibre + Smart Home bundle, the Smart Home devices will be delivered to you within 14 days with no delivery fee.

For more information, you can visit TM’s Unifi bundle section.

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