U Mobile and Enfrasys conducts Private 5G Network PoC


U Mobile and Enfrasys conducts Private 5G Network PoC

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U Mobile in partnership with Enfrasys Solutions has concluded a private 5G network proof-of-concept (PoC) in Butterworth, Penang to assess the feasibility of automating Transocean Logistic’s container inspection process. The PoC showcased the benefits of using 5G, multi-access-edge computing (MEC) and Container Vision’s artificial intelligence (AI) features to digitalise logistics operations.

The PoC was made possible by ZTE Corporation’s support for the provisioning of 5G RAN and 5G Core infrastructure for the private 5G Network. Transocean Logistics is said to be the first container depot in Malaysia to have adopted such technology to automate its container inspection process which is a critical aspect of logistics operations.

The Container Vision solution by Enfrasys has enabled Transocean Logistics’ inspectors to scan and detect defects in real-time using AI on containers arriving at their depot site in Butterworth. These captured images are then transmitted to the edge server via the 5G Private Network for AI inferencing to detect defects and the results are then sent back to the device via the 5G network. This allows inspectors to identify and record defects in real time.

Through the PoC, Transocean Logistics has seen up to 70% improvement in the time required to complete the detection process in comparison to existing practices.

According to U Mobile, the PoC has showcased 5G technology’s capability to advance the logistics industry by delivering enhanced digital solutions, enabled by improved connectivity, service reliability and performance of the 5G Private Network.

Besides automating the inspection process, the PoC also demonstrates U Mobile’s low latency and high bandwidth private 5G network supporting Enfrasys Solutions’ Container Vision application, which enables a seamless digitalisation for Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process.

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It also provides an end-to-end digitalisation of Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process, where workers are now able to perform ISO standard inspections by capturing container information and defect images using the Container Vision app. The solution helps improve inspection accuracy and governance while ensuring the data is stored securely within the private network.

Meanwhile, the PoC has also demonstrated improvement in data processing and response time facilitated by MEC as the computation of heavy IA processes is now closer to the application usage source, enabling inspectors to detect and log defects instantaneously. In addition, it also helps to streamline the supply chain business operations with the ability to integrate various upstream business applications, promoting transparency among depot operators and container owners.

U Mobile CTO Woon Ooi Yuen said, “U Mobile is fully aligned with the national drive to leverage technology like 5G to bring about greater efficiencies for industries and businesses, both large corporations and SMEs. This PoC features one of the first few successful 5G private network trials in Malaysia, demonstrating U Mobile’s innovation leadership. The results of the PoC have shown the benefits of combining 5G technology with AI and automation to provide immense enterprise customer value.”

Enfrasys Solutions CEO Tengku Razmi said, “Enfrasys Solutions is able to help bridge and accelerate modern-day business automation by leveraging on cutting-edge technology through our partnership with U Mobile and using their 5G private network. We look forward to enabling further benefits to other logistics clientele and beyond by harnessing automation enabled by AI. We believe that multi-access-edge computing (MEC) will revolutionise applications within enterprises of the future. We are able to work directly with enterprises to offer AI and automation solutions that work seamlessly and unlock value.”

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Meanwhile, Transocean Logistics CEO Ismail Bin Ibrahim said, “Transocean Logistics Sdn Bhd is pleased to partner with U Mobile and Enfrasys Solutions to pilot a first-of-its-kind AI solution for container depots in Malaysia. Through this collaboration, we are expected to see a 70% reduction in manual effort for container inspections through the digitalisation of the end-to-end inspection process enabled by 5G and AI. This pilot project is the first in Malaysia, positioning Transocean Logistics Sdn Bhd to become the first container depot in Malaysia to adopt such advanced solution and technology.”

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