Now with flat rate 0.78% promo rate


Now with flat rate 0.78% promo rate

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Now with flat rate 0.78% promo rate

Thinking of getting a Tesla Model Y in Malaysia? Tesla Malaysia is currently having a promo where you can enjoy an interest rate from as low as 0.78%.

However, it is only available for limited units and the special interest rate only applies for specific hire purchase providers. If you’re planning of buying the Long Range AWD and Performance AWD model, you won’t be able to enjoy this promo.

Tesla Malaysia offers the Model Y RWD with a flat rate as low as 0.78%

According to Tesla Malaysia, this offer is only for the Tesla Model Y RWD “ready stocks” which start from RM191,000, and if you get it with Tesla’s preferred financier.

A quick check on Tesla Malaysia’s online inventory list reveals that 16 units are available and you can pick from a variety of colours including the black and white interior option.

To enjoy the special rate as low as 0.78%, you’ll have to place a minimum down payment of 20% and apply for a 60-month (5 year loan) financing duration period. Tesla didn’t mention which financier is offering the promo interest rate but we know that Maybank and Ambank are among their partner banks for financing.

Tesla Model 3 RWD key specs and figures

In case you missed it, the Tesla Model Y has recently gotten a price cut of RM8,000, bringing down the starting price of RM199,000 to RM191,000. The price excludes additional applicable admin and registration fees. As usual, you’ll have to place a non-refundable RM1,000 order fee to secure your unit. The base RWD model with a single motor comes with a shorter WLTP-rated range of 455km and it can get from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds.

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The Tesla Model Y has a massive boot with over 900 litres including the underfloor storage

Although this is an older model compared to the newly upgraded Tesla Model 3, the Model Y is more spacious offering up to 2,158 of total cargo space with the rear seats folded and it has a massive frunk under the hood. The Model Y also retains stalks for the signal indicator and gear selector, making this EV easier to live with especially if you are sharing it with other family members.

Tesla Model Y still retains stalks for signal and gear selector

In terms of charging, it supports AC charging up to 11kW and DC fast charging up to 170kW. Being a Tesla, you can enjoy a seamless charging experience with their network of Destination chargers and Supercharger in the country.

The Tesla Model Y comes with a white body colour and black interior at no extra charge, and you’ll have to pay for other options. If you want it in Blue or Black, it costs an extra RM5,000, followed by Stealth Grey and Quick SIlver at RM7,500, and Ultra Red at RM11,000 extra.

The Model Y RWD comes with 19″ Gemini wheels as standard but the 20″ induction wheels are offered as an upgrade option for RM10,000. If you want the white seats, that will cost you an additional RM5,000.

Basic Auto Pilot is included as standard and Model Y buyers can opt to upgrade to Enhanced Auto Pilot for RM16,000 or Full Self Driving (FSD) for RM32,000. Do note that most of the advanced driving features are not available in Malaysia, subject to regulatory approval.

To learn more, you can check out our first drive with the Tesla Model Y RWD in Malaysia or watch the video below:

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