Meet Ruhani, Who Secured AIR 5 On Her Last Attempt At UPSC


Meet Ruhani, Who Secured AIR 5 On Her Last Attempt At UPSC

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Meet Ruhani, who secured AIR 5 on her last attempt at UPSC


Ruhani, 28 years old, cleared UPSC 2023 with flying colors and secured All India Rank 5 in her sixth and final attempt, which belongs to Gurugram, Haryana. Her parents, Suresh Seth and Neelam Rani, are the Delhi Government School lecturers. She attended a private school in Haryana and completed her B.A. (Hons) in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, and her post-graduation in Economics from IGNOU. She then joined the Indian Economic Service and served for three years. She was posted at NITI Aayog for two years, and therefore, she joined the Indian Police Service and is now training at SVPNPA, Hyderabad.

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Strategy and tips by Ruhani

According to her, Students should set daily targets and study hours to keep the momentum and plan the day accordingly. Also, stay updated with current affairs and revise them daily to do better in this dynamic examination and to boost the preparation. Students should also try to understand the concepts and basics instead of just learning them. Also, to improve time management and see progress, students should take regular mock tests and analyze the mistakes to improve the quality of their preparation. 

In addition, students should take notes and revise them regularly to retain the important topics for the prelims. Making handwritten notes will also help in the main examination.

Students should also do some physical activities during their preparation period, get enough sleep, and follow a proper diet for better mental health. This also helps maintain consistency throughout the preparation journey. Students should try to be positive, set achievable targets, and get help from their friends and mentors to boost their preparation.

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Ruhani’s Motivation

Ruhani always wanted to become an IAS Officer. She was so determined and passionate about it that even after failing four times, she did not give up and repeated this examination six times. Finally, after hard work, perseverance, dedication, and resilience, she cracked this examination and became an IAS Officer on her sixth attempt. Her family is also education-oriented as her parents are teachers at a government school, and her brother is also a research engineer. All this shows that the family supported her education, showed their commitment to knowledge, and helped her achieve her dream of becoming a civil servant.

Ruhani’s Optional Subject

Ruhani chose economics as her optional subject for this examination. She graduated with a master’s in this subject only, which helped her build a strong foundation and gave her a comprehensive understanding of its dynamics. All this proved helpful in her paper, as choosing the right option is crucial in this examination.

Ruhani’s Marksheet

Ruhani, who secured the fifth rank in UPSC 2023, scored 1049 marks:

Ruhani Marksheet 
Written Total Marks  856
Interview/ Personality Test Marks 193
Final Marks Obtained  1049


How many attempts did Ruhani take to clear the UPSC exam?

Ruhani cleared the UPSC exam on her fifth and final attempt.

What was Ruhani’s educational background?

Ruhani has a degree in Political Science from a prestigious university.

What rank did Ruhani secure in the UPSC exam?

Ruhani secured All India Rank (AIR) 5.

What changes did Ruhani make in her preparation strategy?

Ruhani focused on improving her answer writing skills, time management, and regular practice of mock tests.

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How important is a support system in UPSC preparation?

A strong support system is crucial as it provides emotional and moral strength, helping candidates stay motivated.


Ruhani did a commendable job by getting AIR 5 in UPSC 2023, which shows her dedication, perseverance, hard work, and never-give-up attitude, which helped her achieve her goal. Her journey set an example for all the students, especially girls that they can achieve their goals with hard work and determination. She also implemented a balanced personal life with her hobbies and relationships. It is not just her success but an inspiration to all the youths that they, too, can achieve their dreams with strong willpower, dedication, and hard work.

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