Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Syllabus 2024


Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Syllabus 2024

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Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Syllabus 2024


Being appointed as a Samiksha Adhikari, or Review Officer, is a significant accomplishment in the authority’s administrative structure. An aggregate of information, analysis, and overview abilities are needed. The thorough syllabus that serves as the basis for practice should be understood as a way to traverse the exam technique efficiently. We’ll discover the nuances of the Samiksha Adhikari syllabus in this submission, supplying more elements on each problem and issue to assist candidates in being successful. Here, we are talking about Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Syllabus.

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Here, we are talking about Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Syllabus:

Qualifications for the Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Test

Fulfilling the requirements qualifies applicants for the Samiksha Adhikari (Review Officer) Examination.

Educational requirement

Applicants must have graduated from an accepted university with a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Maximum Age

Minimum Age: Candidates must generally be at least 21 years old.
Maximum Age: Distinct maximum ages depend on the candidate’s class and state. It should be between 35 and 40 years old.
Applicants are exempted if they qualify under reserved categories, such as SC, ST, ST, or OBC.


Candidates must be Indian citizens.

Other conditions must be met.

Language Skills: Applicants must be proficient in Hindi and English, both written and spoken.

A review of the Samiksha Adhikari takes a look at

It’s critical to recognize the format of the Samiksha Adhikari check, which commonly consists of two phases, before diving into the syllabus:

Preliminary Examination

Using objective-fashion questions, this level evaluates a candidate’s well-known recognition, reasoning, and language talents.

Main Exam

Descriptive questions are used in the primary examination to gauge a candidate’s in-depth knowledge of several subjects.

Preliminary exam syllabus

Candidates are assessed on their widespread awareness, logical questioning, and language capabilities throughout the initial examination.

1. General Studies: – Current affairs, Indian records, geography, politics, financial system, environmental studies
-It is necessary to know about contemporary affairs, topography, politics, financial concept, environmental problems, scientific concepts
2. General Hindi and General English: – Candidates’ Hindi and English language abilities are evaluated.
-Knowledge on English and hindi vocabulary, writing capacity in both english and hindi is tested and the understanding of comprehension passages both in english and hindi
3. Elementary Mathematics: – Arithmetic, algebra, geometry
– Algebraic identities, linear and quadratic equations, fundamental geometry, records, and fractions, decimals, percent, ratio, and proportion
Four. Logical Reasoning – Candidates aptitude for decoding and deciphering linkages, logical sequences, and patterns is tested

The Main Examination Syllabus

The Main Examination is longer and necessitates a more profound comprehension of extra subjects.

General Studies

  • This portion is comparable to the initial examination but necessitates deeper information on the prior topics.
  • Candidates must examine cutting-edge activities, Indian history, geography, politics, economy, and environmental studies in more detail.

General Hindi and Drafting

  • Applicants are tested based totally on their command of the Hindi language in speaking and their ability to write formal documents.
  • Grammar and writing letters, notices, reviews, essays, and other official files are included.

General terminology

  • This thing assesses the candidate’s command of Hindi idioms and terminology.


  • This component evaluates the candidate’s ability to translate from Hindi to English.


  • Applicants should be able to draft formal letters, notices, and reports to any location.

An in-depth analysis of the syllabus

Let’s now take a look at every problem’s syllabus in more detail:

General Studies topics:

1. Current Affairs: Applicants ought to be informed in cutting-edge affairs on a country wide and worldwide scale, in addition to cutting-edge advances in technological know-how and technology, environmental worries, etc.
2. Indian History: – Key dynasties, the liberty motion, and historic, medieval, and contemporary Indian history are asked in this section
3. Indian Geography: Applicants should be familiar with the major rivers, mountains, climate, weather and other features in addition to its physical, financial, and social geography.
Four. Indian Polity: It is important to realise that the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights and duties, Panchayati Raj, and many others.
5. Environmental Studies: – It’s vital to be privy to environmental law, biodiversity, weather alternate, and environmental protection.
6. Scientific Topics: – Basic understanding of biology, chemistry and physics, and how to follow the daily sports news.

English and Hindi

  • Logic: Applicants should be able to identify the logic barriers and offer solutions based on their logic skills
  • Grammar: Subjects encompass tenses, direct and oblique speech, active and passive voice, and speech components.
  • Vocabulary: It’s vital to be familiar with synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrases, one-phrase replacements, etc.

Basic Algebra:

  • Arithmetic: Knowledge of topics like decimals, fractions, chances, ratios, and proportions, amongst other concepts.
  • Algebra: Familiarity with fundamental algebraic identities, quadratic and linear equations
  • Geometry: Understanding the basics of geometry, angles, triangles, circles, polygons, measurement, etc.

Logical Reasoning

  • Analogies: – Determining the similarities and contrasts among ideas
  • Coding-Decoding: Interpreting phrases or messages that have been encoded.
  • Number and Letter Series: – Pattern and finding the missing letter or range in a given sequence.

Hindi in general, and drafting

  • Grammar: A thorough knowledge of Hindi grammar, especially terms like sandhi, samas, etc
  • Drafting Proficiency: Capacity to compose formal letters, notifications, reviews, essays, and notices in Hindi as required for the work

Essay Writing

  • Applicants may be required to write essays on various social, political, and environmental problems.


  • Applicants must translate texts from English to Hindi to show their fluency in each language.


  • Applicants must develop letters, notices, and reviews that exhibit their potential to draft correspondence in Hindi and English.


What is the Review Officer (Samiksha Adhikari) Examination?

State public service commissions in India conduct aggressive assessments called the Samiksha Adhikari Examination, sometimes referred to as the Review Officer Examination, to find candidates for the Samiksha Adhikari, which is in charge of reviewing and evaluating administrative responsibilities in numerous authority departments.

What are the requirements to be eligible to take the Samiksha Adhikari Examination?

The Samiksha Adhikari Examination usually requires the following qualifications to be eligible: a Bachelor’s diploma from a permitted college or institution; fluency in Hindi and English; and a maximum age of 40 years, depending on the state and category. Candidates should be residents of India.

What is the Samiksha Adhikari Examination choice technique?

The Preliminary Examination and Main Examination are the two steps commonly used in the choice process. Applicants who skip the initial examination may appear for the main examination. The candidate’s performance in the Main Examination, which is followed by an interview or personality check, determines the closing choice.

Which subjects are covered by the Samiksha Adhikari Examination syllabus?

Subjects include General Studies (current events, Indian history, geography, polity, economy, and so on.), General Hindi and English (vocabulary, comprehension, grammar), Elementary Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Essay Writing, Translation, and Drafting are normally included in the syllabus.

How do I get ready for the Samiksha Adhikari Test?

Maintaining contemporary affairs, working regularly, and having a solid draw close to the difficulty are all important for preparing for the Samiksha Adhikari Examination. For education, candidates can use well-known textbooks, beyond years’ examination papers, and net sources. Enrolling in online classes or training programs could also be nice.

What duties fall under the purview of a Samiksha Adhikari’s employment

Reviewing and comparing administrative paintings, ensuring laws and guidelines are accompanied, developing reviews, and writing formal letters, notices, and other papers.Selection-making is all a duty of a Samiksha Adhikari.

Does the Samiksha Adhikari Examination consist of any poor markings?

Indeed, the preliminary exam commonly consists of a lousy marking alternative. Candidates that offer misguided replies lose factors. I have a negative grade but won’t practice the Main Examination’s descriptive-style questions.

How can I submit a utility to take the Samiksha Adhikari to take a look at

Through the legitimate website of the relevant state public service fee, candidates may post software for the Samiksha Adhikari Examination. As the notification directs, they should complete the utility, submit the necessary paperwork, and pay the relevant charge.

Is the age limit for applicants within the reserved category being lowered?

The higher age limit is typically waived for candidates who fall below reserved classes, including SC, ST, OBC, etc. The degree of rest varies according to the laws and rules of the nation.

How can I make sure I have access to the most current Samiksha Adhikari Examination facts?

Applicants can stay informed by frequently checking the country’s public carrier commission’s legitimate website for announcements, examination dates, syllabuses, and other pertinent records. For updates, they can also follow authentic social media accounts or sign up for e-mail alerts.


Strong linguistic abilities, analytical skills, and a radical comprehension of several subjects are conditions for the Samiksha Adhikari exam. Aspirants can growth their chances of fulfillment in this competitive exam with the aid of paying close interest to every concern and subject matter and through comprehending the complete syllabus. To pass this take a look at and begin a profitable task in the administrative field, you must practice always, compare your self, and keep up with contemporary occasions.

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