Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, Who Secured AIR 7 In UPSC 2023


Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, Who Secured AIR 7 In UPSC 2023

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Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, Who Secured AIR 7 In UPSC 2023

Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, who secured AIR 7 in UPSC 2023

Brief Introduction

Anmol Rathore, who passed the UPSC Civil Services exam 2023 with flying colors, secured All India Rank 7. She comes from Bhaderwah, Doda, Jammu & Kashmir. She completed her BA LLB (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University and her graduation in 2021. Recently, she also qualified for the Jammu and Kashmir civil services examination. Her father, Rajiv Rathore, was a manager at JK Bank Limited, and her mother, Jyoti Rathore, is a teacher. Both of them played a very important role for her in achieving this prestigious rank in one of the toughest examinations in the country. We are talking about Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, who secured AIR 7 in UPSC 2023.

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Here we are discussing Meet Jammu Girl Anmol Rathore, who secured AIR 7 in UPSC 2023:

Anmol Rathore’s Motivation and Strategy

Growing up in a village in Jammu, she faced numerous challenges and problems but was very curious. She wanted to know why this was happening and wanted to change that. Over time, she learned the value of hard work from her parents, who supported her in achieving her dream and motivated her to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Many civil servants and her batchmates also inspired her. After graduating, she dedicated herself completely to clearing this examination.

This was her third attempt. She was heartbroken after the first two unsuccessful attempts. But she rose again, and with full determination, she started her preparation positively. Also, last year, she was successful in Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services, which gave her a lot of self-confidence and boosted her confidence to pass this examination. 

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She balanced her GS subjects with her Optional subjects. She studied for eight hours a day while preparing full-time for it. Her preparation was Mains-oriented, and she focused more on answer writing as Mains marks greatly affect rank and result. She also referred to the previous year’s question papers very well for both Prelims and Mains because they provided direction and guidance on what to study and how much to study. Apart from that, she utilized the internet very well for her preparation, like lectures on YouTube and free materials from websites.

She focused more on prelims just one month before it; in this, she focused more on CSAT. She also emphasized basics like NCERT books to build the foundation and preferred test series. She also gave importance to current affairs as well. She tried to complete her daily targets with flexibility when she couldn’t follow her timetable. She took no coaching and prepared herself through sources and free online lectures from YouTube. Her optional subject was Law as she had obtained a degree in law and her medium of language was English for this examination.

Marksheet of Anmol Rathore

Written Total Marks  839
Interview/ Personality Test Marks  206
Final Marks Obtained  1045


According to her, hobbies are important for aspirants as they can’t study for 24 hours, and hobbies are really helpful for releasing pressure. She is very fond of reading novels and non-fiction. Apart from this, she used to write English poetry. All these helped her feel better during her preparation. 

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Future Goals and Message to Aspirants

  • She wants to focus on our country’s priority areas, like education and health care. She also wants to influence people with her personality, inspire people, and bring positive changes to society. She wants to use her power to empower people. 
  • She also gave a very important message to students preparing for this examination, such as honesty and sincerity with this exam and /or yourself. Do not get distracted by social media; balance and optimally allocate as many hours to your studies as possible. Also, don’t get afraid of failure; if you fail, restart your preparation again and give your 100% and revise, give tests, and learn from it. Also, do not collect too many materials; refer to standard sources only. 


What rank did Anmol Rathore secure in UPSC 2023?

Anmol Rathore secured AIR 7 in the UPSC 2023 examination.

Where is Anmol Rathore from?

Anmol Rathore is from Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.

What was Anmol Rathore’s educational background?

She pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

How many hours did Anmol Rathore study daily?

Anmol maintained a disciplined study schedule, dedicating 8-10 hours daily to her preparation.

What were some key elements of Anmol’s preparation strategy?

Key elements included a consistent study schedule, quality study materials, regular mock tests and revisions, concise notes and mind maps, and staying updated with current affairs.


Despite having limited resources, Anmol Rathore, a 24-year-old girl from Jammu, cracked this examination on her third attempt, showing her determination, commitment, and perseverance to overcome challenges. Her success can be taken as a source of inspiration by the country’s youths, especially aspirants preparing for this examination. In her upcoming stage of life, she wants to positively impact society through her hard work and make her parents proud.

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