Here’s how it’s different from your regular retail store


Here’s how it’s different from your regular retail store

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Here’s how it’s different from your regular retail store

Apple is finally opening its official Apple Store in Malaysia at the The Exchange, TRX. Some might wonder, don’t we already have “Apple Stores” in Malaysia? How is it different from other authorised resellers such as Machines, Switch and Senheng?

What is an Apple Store?

An Apple Store is an official experiential space which is managed and operated by Apple. You can find them in most major cities worldwide and they are often located at strategic locations of interest. In Southeast Asia, there are currently three Apple Stores in Singapore and two in Bangkok.

If you look around, most Apple Stores boast wonderful aesthetics with unique architecture and designs. The stores are very spacious and if you closely, you’ll find interesting design details in certain stores such as the use of massive curved glass, and pillarless designs, and some spots are also very Instagram-worthy. Most importantly, these stores are also designed with accessibility in mind ensuring everyone including customers on wheelchairs can enjoy a pleasant experience.

Apple Store Xinyi Taipei,

Depending on the location, some Apple Stores may have two or three storeys. The floors feature an open concept design which allows visitors to browse through different sections effortlessly. What makes an Apple Store an Apple store is the staff who are trained to provide a truly personalised experience.

Personalised shopping experience

Apple Store Hongdae, South Korea

Whether you’re an existing Apple customer or new to Apple, you will be able to get a one-to-one product walkthrough session with a Specialist at an Apple Store. For example, if you want to learn more about the latest iPhone, Apple Watch or MacBook, you can reserve an in-store session online and just walk-in during the scheduled time.

The product specialist will be able to answer all of your questions regarding the product and provide recommendations based on your actual needs.

One of our most memorable moments at the Apple Store was during the release of the first generation Apple Watch in Sydney back in 2015. We booked sessions to get a private hands-on session with Apple Watch variants including the more premium stainless steel and gold cases. During the session, they took us to a private area and brought out all the Apple Watch options on a tray including all the strap options for us to try.

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The Apple Store specialists were very friendly and knowledgeable, and the best part is there was no pressure from them to close the sale.

The Apple Store is the best place to check out the entire available product lineup and they also offer a variety of third-party accessories.

If you’re already an existing Apple user, the Apple Store Specialists can better understand you by simply asking you to scan a QR code. This is a neat feature where the Apple Specialists will get a temporary overview of what Apple products you have, how much storage you’ve used and whether you currently have an active AppleCare+ plan.

This digital experience allows the Specialist to provide the right advice and recommendations to customers without the need to access your device. Imagine if you’re looking to buy a case or an accessory for your iPad or MacBook but you didn’t bring the device and can’t remember which version or year it was. With this digital experience, the Apple Store will know exactly what devices you own and you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong accessories that won’t fit your device. This is one of the unique experiences that you can only get from the Apple Store.

If you’ve “logged” your visit with an Apple Specialist, you get to experience a seamless return experience. For example, if you need more time to make a purchase decision, the specialist will note down your interaction with a recap. So the next time you visit the store, the next available specialist will be able to continue that conversation with you and you won’t have to look for the same specialist or repeat the same conversation you had on the previous visit.

Apple Store Jing’an Shanghai, China

Speaking of devices, you can easily purchase them online and pick them up at the Apple Store. Subject to stock availability, you can place an order online and collect it as quickly as 2 hours from the Apple Store that’s convenient for you.

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So if the next iPhone model lands in Malaysia, you can choose the variant and storage options you want, and pick it up at the store on the first day of availability. There’s no need to queue overnight to get the latest iPhone and the Pickup feature makes it a lot more convenient for everyone.

In addition, Apple Malaysia is also offering trade-in deals where you can trade your older Apple products and get credit for your next purchase at the store. If the device isn’t eligible for trade-in and you no longer need it, Apple can help you to recycle it for free.

Get professional advice from the experts

After purchasing an Apple device, there’s the Genius Bar which is an area where product specialists can assist such as setting up your new device, recover Apple ID login or provide technical support for any issues you may have. The Genius Bar at an Apple Store has been revamped and yseou won’t find any traditional counter like a typical service centre. You can just simply book a session at the store and the whole interaction is done at an open table which gives it a more intimate and personalised feel.

The Apple Store can also help business owners to get started with digitalising their business. Whether you’re looking for hardware, software or a customised solution, the Apple Store has specialists who can help to understand your business, propose a solution, connect you with the right vendors and provide financing options. This consultation for business is provided by Apple at no extra cost.

Today at Apple

Apple Store Orchard Road, Singapore

Another major feature of an Apple Store is Today at Apple. This is essentially an open space where visitors can learn new skills and features for various Apple products. The sessions cover a variety of topics such as photography, illustration, coding, video, music, business, education and more.

The Today at Apple sessions are free of charge and it is open to everyone including those who currently don’t own an Apple product. You can bring your own device or obtain a loan unit from the trainer during the session.

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Apple Store Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

When we visited the Apple Store at Jewel Changi Airport recently, the store even had a photography walking tour for the iPhone. This is a great opportunity to spend time if you have a long transit via Singapore.

What happens to other Apple Authorised Resellers?

Machines’ Apple Premium Partner store, 1 Utama

So what will happen to existing authorised resellers since Apple has established its retail outlet in Malaysia? If you look at markets with Apple Stores, resellers are still very much needed and their existing network serves their respective areas and regions. For now, there’s only one Apple Store in downtown Kuala Lumpur and that’s certainly not enough to serve the entire country, especially in other states including East Malaysia.

These resellers help to expand Apple’s retail touch points, to make it easier for anyone to buy the latest Apple products. In addition, some resellers are also Apple Authorised Service Providers which provide customer support and in-warranty repairs.

Despite the imminent launch of the Apple Store, several authorised resellers in Malaysia have invested in transforming their existing outlets into an Apple Premium Partner store for an elevated retail experience. In fact, Malaysia is home to the first Apple Premium Partner store in Southeast Asia and the first outlet was opened by Machines at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

When will the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX open?

Apple Store The Exchange TRX

Apple The Exchange TRX is set to open its doors at 10am on Saturday, 22nd June 2024. It is located at TRX City Park, which is just next to Shake Shack. On the top ground level, you’ll see that the store has a “tudung saji” inspired design and the space extends downwards with an additional two storeys into the mall.

Once the store is open, we expect Apple to reveal its full “Today at Apple” programmes and visitors can book their one-to-one sessions for product walkthroughs and customer support.

Are you looking forward to the opening? Let us know in the comments below.

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