Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest: Get EV for as low as RM87k


Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest: Get EV for as low as RM87k

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Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest: Get EV for as low as RM87k

Sime Darby Motors (SDM) has turned the former TUDM air base in Sungai Besi into a makeshift autocity for this weekend. Among its major attractions is the first-ever SDM Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle Fest in which you can get your hands on selected EVs for much lower than their original price until tomorrow, 9 June.

We visited the former air base earlier yesterday to check out the deals and here are what we have found there.

BMW iX, i7, i4

BMW iX - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024

Let’s kick things off with BMW iX which is the third most popular EV in Malaysia according to the data from JPJ. The pricing differs from one unit to another but the lowest we noticed was RM296,500 for an iX xDrive40 which is priced at RM385,430 for a brand-new unit.

We’ve also spotted several BMW i7 xDrive60 M Sport over there which is priced at RM707,250 for a brand-new unit. Similarly, the actual price depends on each unit but the lowest we’ve seen was RM511,500 although this particular unit does not come with the gigantic theatre screen for the rear passengers though.

If SUV and VIP saloon are not your thing, maybe you want to consider the BMW i4 eDrive40 M Sport instead. A brand-new unit goes for RM384,800 but the pre-owned unit can be yours with a starting price of RM320,500 at the event.

BYD Dolphin, Atto 3, Seal

BYD Dolphin - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
BYD Dolphin Standard Range.

SDM is responsible for putting BYD into the forefront of the EV market in Malaysia which is why it is not surprising to see plenty of pre-owned units at this fest. We were told that you can get BYD Dolphin Standard Range (SR) from as low as RM87,000.

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As a comparison, the Dolphin SR was launched last July with a price tag of RM100,530. At the same time, there is also the Dolphin Extended Range (ER) that was originally priced at RM125,530 but you can get the pre-owned units with a starting price of RM111,000.

Yes, you can get pre-owned units of Malaysia’s most popular EV, the BYD Atto 3 at this weekend’s event too. Priced at RM149,800 for a brand-new unit, the pre-owned Atto 3 SR starts at RM117,000 while the Atto 3 ER which was originally released with a price tag of RM167,800, can be purchased with a starting price of RM129,000.

BYD Atto 3 - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
BYD Atto 3.

While no units were on display in the area, we were told that there are some pre-owned BYD Seal up for grabs too.  Not surprisingly, the price difference was not much though as the electric sedan had only been launched in February.

Available at launch for RM179,800, the pre-owned Seal Premium units are being offered at RM172,000. For the Seal Performance which has a launch price of RM199,800, the pre-owned units can be obtained for RM190,000.

Hence, for BYD Seal, you might want to consider getting a brand-new unit instead.

Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, Kona Electric

Hyundai Ioniq 5 - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Aside from BMW and BYD, there are plenty of Hyundai EVs on display at this fest too. Surprisingly enough, we noticed a lot of the units already have “SOLD” signs on their dashboard.

Nevertheless, we were told that customers can get their hands on the Ioniq 5 Max from RM219,000 onwards. For the same price, you can opt for the Ioniq 6 Max RWD too or you can go for the Max AWD variant which starts at RM239,000.

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As a comparison, a brand-new Ioniq 5 Max costs RM270,408. On the other hand, the Ioniq 6 Max RWD and Max AWD current retail prices are RM289,888 and RM319,888, respectively.  

Meanwhile, several units of Hyundai Kona Electric e-Max are also available. A brand-new unit would set you back RM208,348 last year but the pre-owned units at this weekend’s event start at around RM116,000.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
Jaguar I-Pace.

In case you didn’t know that Jaguar has an EV, well…now you know. In fact, we actually tested the Jaguar I-Pace before.

For this weekend’s fest, there are several units of I-Pace available through the Jaguar Approved Programme. You can either choose the Black Edition which starts at RM358,000 or the higher-end HSE option from RM379,000 onwards.

These two I-Pace variants were released in Malaysia last year with a price tag of RM460,800 and RM498,800, respectively.

Porsche Taycan 4S

Porsche Taycan 4S - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
Porsche Taycan 4S

Porsche Taycan might command an ultra-premium price tag but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the 10 most popular EVs in Malaysia. There is only one unit available though in the form of a Taycan 4S which is going for RM500,500.

The Taycan 4S was first introduced in Malaysia back in 2020 with a starting price of RM725,000. The price was then slashed to RM595,000 in early 2022 after the government waived import duty, excise duty, and sales tax for imported Completely Built Up (CBU) new EVs.

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

Volvo C40 - Sime Darby Motors Pre-Owned EV Fest - June 2024
Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric.

While we noticed Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and Volvo C40 Recharge at the event area, we were told only the C40 were available as pre-owned units. Priced at RM288,888 when they are brand new, these pre-owned C40 can be obtained with a starting price of RM242,000.

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