Sales Operation Manager – Introduction & Salary


Sales Operation Manager – Introduction & Salary

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Sales Operation Manager – Introduction & Salary


The Sales Operation Manager is in charge of the company’s processes, tools, and technology that support the company’s sales and marketing teams. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the umbrella term for these tools (CRM). As a Sales Operation Manager, your responsibilities will include everything from offering market trend advice to establishing resources and maintaining long-term sales statistics for both individual locations and the full domestic chain of stores.

Sales Operation Manager

What does it mean to be a Sales Operation Manager?

Sales operations managers are the company’s top sales technology professionals (in other words, masters of efficiency). Their main purpose is to create and monitor a smooth and productive sales process that will allow the company to flourish. These are the individuals that handle all of the minutiae that enable sales representatives to sell more quickly and effectively.

These supervisors work closely with salespeople at all levels. They can serve as mentors for new salespeople and collaborate with CEOs and sales managers to produce ideas and make data-driven decisions to improve the sales funnel and process.

Aside from the sales department, sales operations managers collaborate closely with marketing personnel to develop an effective lead qualification process and organize successful email marketing campaigns.

What is the role of a Sales Operation Manager?

Sales operations managers are in charge of an organization’s sales teams’ training, management, and support. Within the related software systems, they are frequently significantly involved in understanding and analyzing customer and sales data.

Basic computer literacy is required, as it is for practically any office work; they must also be able to use sales team management and client interaction software. Many firms want the sales operations manager to be well-versed in database and spreadsheet tools in order to assess patterns and pinpoint potential areas for improvement. Sales operations managers must have good written and verbal communication skills due to the training and management components of the work. It’s critical to be able to motivate and incentivize your sales team.

Sales operations managers usually work in an indoor office environment, with several salespeople reporting directly to them. They must inform senior management and executives of any difficulties or opportunities in their department. Almost every position is full-time. While the majority of client contact is handled by the sales operations manager’s subordinates, he or she may need to speak with customers directly if there is a problem or a specific requirement.

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What are the responsibilities of a Sales Operation Manager?

The following are the major responsibilities of sales operations managers:

  • Real-time collection of precise data on the sales team’s operations.
  • Individual sales team member results are compared.
  • Improving team productivity through optimizing forecasts.
  • Creating and communicating clear sales objectives.
  • Keeping track of sales tools, such as CRM.
  • Keeping track of sales data throughout time.
  • Implementing new technology to help sales and marketing departments achieve their objectives, as well as training employees on how to use these software tools.
  • Increasing managerial and team communication.
  • Assisting teams in retaining customers.

Qualification & Experience

A bachelor’s degree in business, technology, marketing, or a related subject is required to work as a Sales Operations Manager. You must also have past managerial experience as well as a thorough understanding of business procedures and goods. If you want to be a Sales Operations Manager, you should have past work experience, although it is not needed. 

Entry-level candidates are not eligible for this post because it is a management role. Candidates must have at least two years of relevant experience, with some management experience, in order to be considered. Although a bachelor’s degree is occasionally required, several vocations just demand a high school diploma or GED.

Other requirements are as follows –  

  • Strong analytic abilities
  • Possessing the ability to do complex computational tasks
  • Knowledge of databases and sales software
  • Microsoft Office, including Access and Excel, is a must.
  • Strong Communication abilities 
  • Three years or more in a supervisory position with growing responsibilities Ability to handle problems Ability to work well in a group Ability to multitask

Required Essential Skills 

  1. The first stage is to gather leads – Everything that brings people to your organization, such as job applications, events, and web content, is referred to as lead generation. Sales operations managers should be in charge of generating these leads so that salespeople can focus on selling.

Sales operations managers would need to be well-organized and detail-oriented in order to generate leads. They’ll have to collaborate with sales and marketing to develop the company’s strategy and processes. They must also be competent to handle administrative tasks including organizing appointments, tracking transactions, and preparing contracts.

  1. Sales Forecasting – Sales operations managers should also be able to estimate sales accurately. Sales forecasting anticipates future sales for your company based on historical data and performance trends. 
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A sales operations manager, for example, can tell management if a sales projection predicts a 30 percent increase in sales next quarter. This gives the company time to plan, as they may need to buy more machines or hire more people to meet the demand. 

Sales forecasts are useful because they enable an operations manager to identify and resolve potential issues, set realistic goals to challenge a sales team, assist sales leaders in making data-driven decisions, and develop a powerful sales strategy.

  1.  Monitoring a Pipeline: A sales pipeline depicts a prospect’s stages as they go from lead to client. It enables a sales operations manager to simplify each complicated procedure a sales representative must undergo before closing a contract. Creating a pipeline for your process can help you increase conversions, reduce cycle times, and increase wins.
Sales Operation Manager
Sales Operation Manager

A sales operations manager would keep an eye on each stage of the sales process and make adjustments as needed to meet the sales team’s needs. Because a sales funnel is created from the perspective of a sales representative, a sales operations manager can tell where a team’s pain points are and assist them where they need it. They can assist a sales professional in interacting with more prospects, log data consistently, and route inbound callers to the appropriate reps by pulling data from the pipeline.

Sales pipelines can also estimate the time it takes for a lead to convert into a client and alert you to leads that will not progress further down the pipeline. Sales operations managers with experience can use the pipeline to forecast sales and handle other difficulties that may occur for the company.

  1. Managing a Sales Team: A sales operations manager should also be able to lead and manage a sales team and set and achieve goals for them. Communication with sales teams and arranging them in a way that encourages healthy competition are important.

Creating a fair remuneration structure would be the responsibility of sales operations managers. This entails providing incentives for both individual and team accomplishments, as well as developing a procedure for recognizing and correcting poor performance. A sales operations manager’s role may also include training new hires who have years of sales expertise and are most familiar with the sales process.

  1.  Analyzing Data through CRM: CRM implementation is one of the goals of a competent sales operations manager. A sales operations manager can use CRM analytics to analyze sales data and determine the success of a product, process, or campaign. In addition to assessing internal data, a sales operations manager can utilize CRM to examine the external market and do competitive research.
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Sales operations managers can also utilize CRM to organize lead lists, manage custom fields and ensure they are updated appropriately, handle lead assignment rules, and automate administrative and marketing chores. A sales operations manager should have prior experience with CRM, presenting data, and understanding how the data may benefit their sales teams.

Salary of Sales Operation Manager

According to 29 salaries, an early career Sales Operations Manager with 1-4 years of experience gets an average total income of ₹12,00,000 per year. According to 19 salaries, a mid-career Sales Operations Manager with 5-9 years of experience gets an average compensation of ₹8.6 Lakhs per year. Based on 27 salaries, an experienced Sales Operations Manager with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total salary of ₹11.9 Lakhs per year.

Final Words

The following are the major responsibilities of sales operations managers:

Many professionals with a lot of experience in sales, operations, finance, or even a clever blend of these sectors come to this job. For example, a revenue operations (DevOps) manager with some expertise in relevant strategies and software systems could be an effective sales ops manager.

Many sales operations managers begin their careers as sales reps and progress through their careers. If you want to be considered for this role, you must be able to:

  • Have the necessary qualifications and skills; 
  • Take advantage of your company’s training and mentoring programmes. The more you understand about the company’s sales processes, forecasts, CRMs, and generating strategies, and the more you try to improve them, the better!

Once you’ve established yourself as a capable sales operations manager, you can advance to the position of VP of Sales Operations or Director of Sales Operations, where you’ll be in charge of the entire sales operations team.

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