Rent vs. Buy – The Best Option for Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses


Rent vs. Buy – The Best Option for Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

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Plus size clothes are usually much more expensive than the regular lines, especially when it comes to formal wear, which can make shopping for fashionable and flattering attire a little bit challenging. That’s why many consider renting a formal dress instead of investing a lot of money in it.

Looking for plus size formal wear can be challenging, especially for special events like weddings. So, in this article we’ll help you decide whether it’s better to rent or buy a formal dress. That way you can deal with the problem now, and follow the same pattern in the future.

Renting a Plus-Size Wedding Guest Dress

Renting a Plus-Size Wedding Guest DressRenting a Plus-Size Wedding Guest Dress

Not only plus-size women rent guest dresses. Let’s be real: these dresses can be pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy one and wear it once or twice only. Dress renting is a common service that comes with specific pros and cons we’ll analyze now:

Pros of Renting a Dress

Renting is cheaper than buying, especially if you know that there won’t be many events in the future to wear it again. Dress rental services offer a variety of dresses in many colors, styles, and designs, allowing you to choose the one that fits you best.

Additional pros:

  • Access to high-end brands for a special rental price
  • No need for storage in your closets at home
  • Eco-friendly choice as the demand for fast fashion is reduced

Cons of Plus-Size Dress Rental

The dress rental is for a limited time only, which means you can wear it more than once if you have multiple events close together. Additionally, these dresses may not fit perfectly, as most of them have already been worn.

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That said, there is always some risk of visible wear and tear due to previous users, affecting the overall look. It also limits the customization, which means you can only use accessories to improve the looks.

Buying a Plus-Size Wedding Guest Dress

Buying a Plus-Size Wedding Guest DressBuying a Plus-Size Wedding Guest Dress

Buying the dress means it’s yours and you can decide whether you’ll let anyone else wear it or not. You have freedom to choose beautiful models and have them for similar future occasions.

So, here’s the pros vs cons breakdown:

Pros of Buying a Plus Size Dress

While having full ownership of the dress, you can ensure no one else will wear it if you don’t want that. Additionally, you can give it to some other plus size woman for a specific occasion, or even sell it if your body shape changes in some way.

Here are a few other advantages:

  • You can personalize the dress and make it suit you better
  • An option to sell the dress if you don’t need it anymore
  • No time constraints, i.e., you don’t have return deadlines

Cons of Buying a Plus Size Dress

Storage is one of the most common problems, especially if you already have too many clothes at home. Also, some more cons are:

  • Higher price, because buying formal clothes is expensive, no matter the size
  • Limited use if you don’t attend many formal events
  • Risk for fashion trends change, as the dress may get outdated

What to Do For Plus-Size Formal Wedding Dresses

plus size wedding guest dressesplus size wedding guest dresses

Wedding guests don’t need to spend a fortune to look great and risk not wearing the outfit anytime soon. The decision whether to buy or rent depends on many factors, not just the pros and cons we mentioned.

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For example, not all women prefer renting clothes by any means. They’re more likely to invest in quality wear and keep it in the closet for years. And they’re right, as dress renting doesn’t guarantee quality products.

On the other hand, many aren’t ready to spend thousands on a new dress, so renting is a great option. While there’s no obvious answer to what to do, we suggest you do what you think is best, depending on your preferences and current financial situation.

Considerations for Plus-Size Options

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most common considerations plus-size women have regarding buying or renting formal dresses as wedding guests, including:

  • Availability: Before making a decision, ensure there’s a rental service near you. You don’t want to spend money on gas to go to another city just to be disappointed with the available choice. If buying, make sure there’s a reliable store near you selling quality products that last.
  • Fit and Comfort: Tailor-made dresses fit perfectly, but they’re the most expensive option. Prioritize stores and rental services who don’t have problem making temporary adjustments to the dress, so it fits perfectly.
  • Trial and Returns: Rental services have strict policies on how long can you keep the dress. Stores have return policies you should respect. Stay informed on these requirements for a more convenient experience.
  • Quality and Brand: Research the quality and brands, ensuring you’re getting a good dress to wear that makes you confident and comfortable.

Sometimes, people think they can buy a dress, wear it, and then return it asking for a refund. Don’t be that person and consider renting if you don’t want to keep that dress. Also, it’s better to resell it as second-hand dress, so you can return some of the money, instead of trying to return the whole amount.

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Final Thoughts

renting vs buying a forma dress as a wedding guestrenting vs buying a forma dress as a wedding guest

While renting vs buying a forma dress as a wedding guest is up to you, the mentioned considerations will help you make the best decision based on facts. Being plus size is not something uncommon, and looking great in a nice dress is possible. Still, be careful of the following:

  • Use reputable dress rental services only
  • Buy from proven brands who care for their clients
  • Inspect the dress before renting or buying to spot eventual damages
  • Make sure the investment is worth the amount you spend
  • Compare different options until you find the right one
  • If you have more formal events close to each other, then buy the dress
  • Rent the dress if there’s only one formal event you need to attend
  • Base the decision on personal preferences

Renting is a cost-effective but temporary solution that gives access to modern and branded dresses. Buying is perfect for those who prefer ownership of the dress, whether they wear it once or on multiple occasions. So, which one would you choose?

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