DC Handal’s Udini Square DC Charger upgraded to 100kW


DC Handal’s Udini Square DC Charger upgraded to 100kW

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Charge Point Operator, DC Handal, has upgraded its DC charger at Udini Square in Gelugor, Penang. The Kempower DC charger which was previously pushing 50kW with two CCS2 nozzles is now upgraded with double the power capacity at 100kW.

This is currently DC Handal’s fastest DC charger on Penang Island, followed by Choo Plaza (90kW) and Ferringhi Garden Restaurant (47kW).

Despite the Udini Square DC charger upgrade to 100kW, DC Handal is still retaining its RM1.30 per kWh pricing for this site. As a comparison, the 90kW DC Charger at Choo Plaza is priced at RM1.50 per kWh.

The Kempower DC charger is configured for dynamic power sharing and it can deliver up to 100kW for 800V EVs or up to 80kW for 400V EVs, when only one EV is plugged in. When both nozzles are in use, the maximum power is distributed according to demand.

Do note that the Udini Square charger is located in B1 Parking Level and you’ll have to pay for applicable parking rates. According to the listing, the parking costs RM1.20 per hour from Monday to Friday, and RM1.20 for the first two hours during the weekend.

Similar to other DC Handal sites, these chargers can be activated by tapping your credit, debit and prepaid cards on the card terminal. It also support mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. With contactless card payment support, you don’t need to use apps or rely on a stable mobile connection to activate and pay for your charging sessions.

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If you prefer to use your favourite app, DC Handal chargers can also be activated via ChargEV and JomCharge. Interestingly, the DC Handal charger is listed as AutoCharge enabled in the JomCharge app. If your EV such as the Chery Omoda E5 is enrolled on the AutoCharge system, you can just plug the cable and the charging session will be authorised and billed automatically to your JomCharge account.


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