U Mobile Prepaid: Now 2x the speed and higher FUP for the same price


U Mobile Prepaid: Now 2x the speed and higher FUP for the same price

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U Mobile Prepaid: Now 2x the speed and higher FUP for the same price

U Mobile has upgraded its prepaid plan which boasts double the speed at no extra cost. With this 2x speed revamp, 6Mbps is now the new minimum speed for U Prepaid and users on the highest Prepaid option can enjoy even higher speeds of up to 24Mbps.

As usual, these “Unlimited” plans come with their respective Fair Usage Policy (FUP) but U Mobile has also upgraded the high-speed quota for the base U Prepaid 25 plan.

U Prepaid 25 now offers 6Mbps with 40GB FUP

Here’s the breakdown of the new U Prepaid plans which come with unlimited calls within Malaysia:

  • U Prepaid 25 (RM25/month) – 3Mbps 6Mbps, 30GB 40GB FUP, No hotspot
  • U Prepaid 35 (RM35/month) – 6Mbps 12Mbps, 200GB FUP, 3GB hotspot
  • U Prepaid 40 (RM40/month) – 6Mbps 12Mbps, 200GB FUP, “Unlimited” hotspot
  • U Prepaid 50 (RM50/month) – 12Mbps 24Mbps, 200GB FUP, “Unlimited” hotspot

If you need to use hotspot data on U Prepaid 25, you can purchase a daily hotspot add-on which costs RM1 per day, or just activate a 30-day hotspot for only RM5. The hotspot usage will utilise the plan’s FUP and it follows the plan’s capped speed (e.g. U Prepaid 40: 12Mbps, U Prepaid 50: 24Mbps).

Once you’ve exhausted your allocated FUP, your speed will be slowed down to 512kbps until the plan is renewed. You can regain full speed by purchasing a booster.

Options to unlock full 5G/4G speeds

If you don’t want to be restricted by the capped 6Mbps, 12Mbps and 24Mbps download speeds, U Mobile still retains its Daily Ultra Speed and Unlimited 5G Weekends feature for the plans.

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For U Prepaid 25, they offer 30 hours of 5G/4G Daily Ultra speed which is limited to 1 hour per day and you’ll have to activate it from the MyUmobile app. Meanwhile, the other three plans offer uncapped speeds during the weekend.

If you need uncapped speeds immediately, you can purchase one of the following booster add-ons:

  • 24-hour Booster – RM5
  • 2-hour Booster – RM1
  • 10GB high-speed data – RM12 (valid for 7 days)
  • 5GB high-speed data – RM6 (valid for 1 day)
  • 1GB high-speed data – RM3 (valid for 1 day)

U Mobile U Prepaid Starter Pack

If you’re new to U Mobile, the U Prepaid Starter pack costs RM10. The SIM pack comes pre-loaded with RM6 credit, 1GB of free high-speed data and 5-day validity.

For more info, you can visit U Mobile’s prepaid page.

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