Your Ultimate Guide to Cold-Weather Travel Escapes This Summer


Your Ultimate Guide to Cold-Weather Travel Escapes This Summer

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As the summer sun blazes down and temperatures soar, the allure of a cool, refreshing escape becomes irresistible. While many flock to tropical beaches and sun-soaked destinations, there’s a growing trend of travelers seeking solace in cold-weather retreats.

These chilly havens offer a unique respite from the heat, allowing you to immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, exhilarating activities, and serene environments. Combine all that with the sizzling American temperatures, and you’ll get the reason behind this upward trend.

A Reuters article revealed that the upcoming heat wave warning across the country has pushed citizens to change their travel plans. The Americans – who are used to taking a vacation for the 4th of July – are now considering cooler spots for their trip.

If cold-weather travel is an escape you seek this summer as well, allow us to help you with it. This guide is your answer to everything you need to think and do for it.

Planning Your Trip Wisely

Planning Your Trip Wisely

When planning a cold-weather escape, the key to a successful trip lies in meticulous preparation. Begin by painting a vivid picture of your ideal itinerary, where time, activities, and budget seamlessly intertwine.

As you sketch out your adventure, consider the days you can dedicate to this frosty getaway. Allocate time for each element of your journey, balancing thrilling escapades with moments of serene relaxation.

Once your dream itinerary starts to take shape, it’s time to bring it to life by securing the logistics. The 2024 travel hack report finds that travelers can save 24% on flight tickets by booking them within 28 days of the trip. However, if you’re planning an overseas trip, you have a larger booking window for it – 60 days.

You also need to weigh the nuances of layovers and travel times, hunting for the perfect balance of convenience and cost.

Next, turn your attention to finding the perfect home base for your cold-weather odyssey. Do you want to stay in a charming cabin nestled in the woods? Or a luxurious hotel offering panoramic views? Or a quirky igloo that promises a night to remember? Let your accommodations reflect the spirit of your trip.

Read reviews, compare amenities, and choose locations that effortlessly connect you to the activities and sights on your list.

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Don’t Forget To Pack Everything You Might Need

When preparing for a cold-weather escape, you must pack smartly to stay comfortable, warm, and prepared for all the adventures ahead.

Start with a good base layer, which should be moisture-wicking to keep sweat away from your body. Merino wool or synthetic materials are ideal as they provide warmth without retaining moisture.

Next, add an insulating layer to trap body heat. CozyWinters notes how battery-heated garments are great for such trips. Alternatively, fleece or down jackets are also excellent choices, offering lightweight warmth that’s easy to pack and wear. The outer layer is your shield against the elements, so pick a high-quality, waterproof, and windproof jacket.

Your extremities require special attention in cold weather. Pack insulated gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm, along with foot warmers for cold feet. A neck gaiter or scarf can provide additional protection against biting winds.

Beyond clothing, consider the gear and gadgets that will enhance your cold-weather experience. A durable backpack is necessary for carrying your essentials; it should be large enough to hold extra layers and snacks. If you plan on exploring remote areas, a portable charger and a reliable map or GPS device can be lifesavers.

Top Cold-Weather Destinations For a Summer Escape

So far, we’ve told you everything you need to know for planning your cold getaway. Now, let’s help you pick a place so that you can put it all to good use. Here are some of our team’s hand-picked choices for you to enjoy a chilly vacation this summer:

Alaska, USA

Alaska, USAAlaska, USA

Alaska, the Last Frontier, is a vast, untamed wilderness for adventurers and nature lovers alike. You’d be surprised to learn that Fairbanks, an Alaskan city, ranks at the top on Zebra’s list of coldest cities in the country. Here, the average minimum temperature drops as far as minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Wouldn’t that be an exciting change for you?

Offering a refreshing contrast to the typical summer heat, the stunning glaciers of the state will win your heart in no time. What’s even better? You’ll also find adventure opportunities for kayaking, wildlife viewing, and hiking here.

The long summer days in Alaska, where the sun barely sets, offer extended hours to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. This phenomenon, known as the Midnight Sun, provides a unique opportunity to experience activities like hiking, fishing, and even golfing late into the evening.

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Norway, Europe

Norway, a Scandinavian gem, is an extraordinary cold-weather destination for summer getaways.

One of Norway’s most iconic features is its dramatic fjords. These deep, glacially carved inlets, surrounded by towering cliffs and lush greenery, provide a breathtaking backdrop for any adventure.

The Geirangerfjord is particularly famous for its striking beauty and majestic waterfalls, like the Seven Sisters and the Bridal Veil.

Birdwatchers will delight in the vast colonies of seabirds, including puffins and guillemots, especially around the island of Runde.

Victoria, Australia

Victoria, AustraliaVictoria, Australia

The picturesque state of Victoria, Australia, offers an exceptional cold-weather escape during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months.

At the heart of Victoria’s appeal is its stunning natural beauty, exemplified by the Victorian Alps. The alpine region transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months, making it an ideal destination for snow enthusiasts.

If you travel to Victoria, you just can’t miss the picturesque beauty of its small towns. The stunning seaside of Apollo Bay, the waterfront of Mildura, and the historic charm of Port Fairy are Victorian gems you have to see.

If you seek a more relaxed pace, head to Yarra Valley. Known for its rolling vineyards, the valley is where you can enjoy wine tastings and indulge in gourmet meals featuring local produce. It offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and tasty delights.

Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia, with its breathtaking scenery – characterized by towering mountains, vast glaciers, and pristine lakes – is another inviting summer getaway.

The iconic peaks of the Andes Mountains dominate the landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for trekking, mountaineering, and photography. El Chaltén – the trekking capital of Argentina – is a gateway to the awe-inspiring peaks of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. Here, you can embark on day hikes or multi-day expeditions amidst stunning alpine scenery.

Patagonia is also home to abundant wildlife, including guanacos, rheas, and Andean condors. Torres del Paine National Park, in Chilean Patagonia, offers superb opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching amidst its rugged landscapes.

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The park’s iconic granite towers, mirrored in the tranquil waters of glacial lakes, provide a dramatic backdrop for hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking. When planning a trip to Patagonia, you have to book a trip of a minimum of 6 days to cover its most-visited sites. Even then, it’d be a whirlwind of travel for you. For a comfortable stay with relaxing breaks, 10 days would be ideal.

Iceland, Europe

Lastly, Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is a captivating escape for those seeking a unique cold-weather destination during the summer months.

Iceland’s rugged coastlines and black sand beaches offer dramatic scenery and unique experiences. The Reynisfjara Beach, with its striking basalt columns and roaring Atlantic waves, is one of the most photographed locations in Iceland.

For a more secluded experience, the Mývatn Nature Baths in northern Iceland provide equally stunning geothermal waters with fewer crowds and spectacular views.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I plan a wildlife adventure within the US during the summer?

During the summer in the US, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho offers a prime destination for a wildlife adventure. Known for its diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife, Yellowstone provides opportunities for wildlife viewing through guided tours, hiking trails, and scenic drives.

Which camping sites in California are ideal for weekend family trips?

For weekend family trips in California, consider camping at Big Sur, known for its hiking trails, stunning coastal views, and Redwood groves. Alternatively, Yosemite National Park offers iconic scenery with waterfalls and granite cliffs, perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting.

Which US cities are ideal for planning a summer vacation?

According to Forbes, Seattle, Washington, is the leading choice for Americans to plan a summer vacation. Las Vegas, with its glistening pools and frozen cocktails, takes the second spot on the list. Honolulu, Hawaii, is another summer favorite city, despite its sunny beaches.

All in all, taking a cold-weather vacation to beat the heat this summer is just the ideal way of spending your summer holidays. Be it with friends, family, or someone special, the chilly vibes of our hand-picked recommendations will certainly be a refreshing change of scene.


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