50 Midjourney 5.2 inpainting words experimentations


50 Midjourney 5.2 inpainting words experimentations

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Midjourney users might be interested in another fantastic video put together by Thaeyne during which they tested out the Midjourney 5.2 inpainting model with both regular and raw modes and 50 words. The inpainting mode is not promptable, but Thaeyne explored it by prompting it normally and then running vary region on the resulting images for the entire image.

After experimenting with over 300 words the video below provides a glimpse at a selection of 50 offering insights into what can be accomplished using the Midjourney 5.2 inpainting feature. By prompting the model normally and then running a ‘vary region’ on the resulting images, Thaeyne was able to generate a variety of images for the entire image. This approach was applied to over 300 words, with a selection of 50 being showcased in a video demonstration.

Midjourney 5.2 inpainting

The video demonstration provided a captivating insight into the capabilities of the Midjourney 5.2 inpainting model. The images generated by the model were noted for their superior lighting, more contrasted colors, and a departure from the surrealism and maximalism often associated with the regular model. Interestingly, the inpainting model also tended to produce more red color, as opposed to the orange produced by the regular model.

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One of the most intriguing findings from the experiment was that the images produced by the inpainting model were quite different from the original images. This suggests that the original image does not significantly affect the outcome, highlighting the model’s ability to generate unique and creative images.

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While the Midjourney 5.2 inpainting model is currently not available for prompting on its own, there are plans to make it available in a future version. This development is eagerly anticipated, as it will allow users to further explore and utilize the capabilities of this innovative AI technology. As always as soon more information is made available we will keep you up to speed as always.

If you like to learn more about what you can expect to be rolled out to Midjourney by its development team in the coming months and then the next Midjourney version 6 release jump over to our previous article.

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