A Short List Of Texas’ Wildest, Most Nonsensical Investigations And Laws Against Big Tech


A Short List Of Texas’ Wildest, Most Nonsensical Investigations And Laws Against Big Tech

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In fact, the Lone Star State stands alone against Big Tech, at least that's what the allegations, lawsuits, and referrals against Google, Facebook, and GoFundMe show, to say the least.

It would be fair to crack down on big tech companies, but the greatest success of pointless or partially pointless lawsuits in Texas didn't actually create some of the world's most powerful corporations. While they may make voters back home feel like "the man" is sticking with… "the man," most law enforcement attempts in Texas have so far been fruitless.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been a constant figure in this fight, filing lawsuit after lawsuit over the years against social media companies like Facebook and tech giants like Google. Paxton is suing to have the 2020 election annulled, and in fact he's using the power of office to do far worse things by investigating a trans teen's family over how to care for his child. Later, the judge concluded that the investigation was completely useless.

Paxton, once called an "awkward" by fellow Republican senator John Cornyn, has faced decades of his own criminal case and a recent FBI investigation into allegations of corruption and abuse of power. His followers didn't care as long as he could get the liberals one frivolous suit after another.

And he's not the only one attacking Big Tech. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other lawmakers in the Texas state legislature have backed a bill to tackle social media content moderation, even as the governor wants more companies to follow Tesla founder Elon Musk to introduce a new one to build a nest in the state.

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And while European bodies like the European Commission may be far more effective (if not controversial) in curbing big tech with antitrust laws, Texas can boast of just one recent victory that gives Texas social media users a chance to sue social networking companies . . suspend or ban their accounts or messages. However, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed the law as it was unable to rule on its constitutionality.

The point is that some of these lawsuits make sense, especially when it comes to how this big tech company handles user data. However, the constant barrage of lawsuits and baseless allegations has done little to change the way tech companies operate, and it seems the only benefit is those in charge of defending their supporters. Meanwhile, the country has welcomed other tech companies with open arms, such as energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining. No matter what may happen to the country's perpetually strained electrical grid.

Anyway, here's a partial list of lawsuits and ill-considered claims that Texas AG and other government officials have filed against big tech companies in recent years.

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