Amazon Prime Music Unlimited Changes Streaming Prices, Now Matches Apple Music


Amazon Prime Music Unlimited Changes Streaming Prices, Now Matches Apple Music

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Amazon Prime Music Unlimited Changes Streaming Prices, Now Matches Apple Music

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Subscription service prices have gone up in recent months, and Amazon Music Unlimited is the latest service to go up. Amazon has raised the cost of its Music Unlimited tiers in the US and UK, in line with Apple's similar price hike on Apple Music a few months ago. Both services are now more expensive than Spotify, the music streaming service with the largest market share.

In October, Apple raised the price of Apple Music to $10.99 per month in the US from $9.99 per month. It's one of Apple's streaming services that saw its prices go up this month. Amazon Music Unlimited will match Apple's new pricing of $9.99 to $10.99 per month in the US.

UK customers will see the same increase in prices for the service. They will pay £10.99 per month instead of £9.99.

The Amazon Music Unlimited student plan will have the same $1/£1 price increase depending on the market. In the US, students will pay $5.99 per month instead of the previous $4.99 subscription fee. UK students will receive the same price, but in pounds instead of dollars.

Amazon has confirmed price increases for Music Unlimited in the US and UK, with local support pages explaining the changes. “To help us bring you more content and features, we are updating pricing for select Amazon Music Unlimited plans,” the help documents read.

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In addition, Amazon said that the updated prices will go into effect on February 21, 2023. There's still time to take advantage of previous Music Unlimited pricing or promotional offers you've recently received. Amazon explains:

You will continue to receive the discount on the remainder of the promotion. After this period, we will pay the original subscription cost and applicable taxes per billing cycle. The new price plus applicable taxes will be shown on your invoice.

If you're an Amazon Prime customer who also has Amazon Music Unlimited, you don't have to worry about the new price increase. As Billboard notes, last May Amazon raised the price of Amazon Music Unlimited for its Prime subscription. The monthly cost has increased from $7.99 to $8.99 per month.

Spotify is still available for $9.99 per month, making it cheaper than Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. But Spotify may raise prices at some point in the not-too-distant future. Spotify CEO Daniel E.K. announced this during the company's earnings announcement on October 25.

Spotify is the dominant player in the music streaming industry with a 30.5% market share according to Midia as of mid-2022. Amazon owns 13.3% of the market, slightly less than Apple's (13.7%).

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