AMC Entertainment To Offer CoBranded Visa Card For Stubs Members In Early 2023


AMC Entertainment To Offer CoBranded Visa Card For Stubs Members In Early 2023

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AMC Entertainment To Offer CoBranded Visa Card For Stubs Members In Early 2023
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AMC Entertainment plans to offer loyalty program members a co-branded credit card to sell its own popcorn as early as 2023, a first in the theater fare industry. Retail next year.

The charter is intended to appeal to moviegoers and AMC shareholders, which CEO Adam Aaron called "a very important area that we care about."

Membox's dynamic owners include individual investors or an army of individuals who work hard to keep Aaron busy and happy. Early last year, they helped save the company from bankruptcy by offering shares in social media chat rooms and asking each other to buy and hold. But AMC has a heavy debt load and its balance sheet has recently come under new pressure as its theater business struggles to return to pre-pandemic levels.

The AMC Entertainment Visa Card allows AMC Stubs cardholders to earn AMC Stubs reward points with every purchase at AMC theaters as well as gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.

Basic AMC Stub members can earn points for discounts, while A-List and Premier members can earn rewards for free or discounted movie tickets to the latest blockbusters and all premium formats.

As a promotion, new cardholders who spend at least $50 in the first three months will receive $50 in AMC Stubs bonus boxes for spending an additional 90 days at the theater.

The company maintains a waiting list for tickets, and applicants will be entered into a drawing for an undisclosed red carpet premiere with Aaron, who has begun traveling around the country for screenings and previews.

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"The AMC Entertainment Visa Card is an example of AMC's continued commitment to providing true value to moviegoers and strengthening our relationships with loyal moviegoers," he said. "Until now, the theater exhibition industry has been one of the few non-core retail sectors that hasn't offered customers the opportunity to increase their purchasing power, accelerate rewards and demonstrate credit card loyalty. Millions of AMC members benefit greatly from using Stubbs, their movies and daily entertainment. AMC Entertainment Visa Card for Shopping We know there's an audience out there.

The card is operated by credit card technology company Deserve.

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