ChatGPT best and worst features compared


ChatGPT best and worst features compared

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been making waves with its innovative features and improvements since its release in 2022. The platform has seen several transformations, including the introduction of GPT4 earlier this year and a host of new features designed to enhance user experience and productivity.

“GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem solving abilities.” OpenAI.

One of the most notable enhancements is the introduction of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts, including ‘open new chat’ and ‘set custom instructions’, are designed to accelerate the user experience, making navigation and interaction with the platform more efficient.

The best features of ChatGPT

GPT4, the latest iteration of the model, has been highly praised for its capabilities in content creation and complex tasks. In fact, it is used 9 out of 10 times, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness. While plugins were initially hyped, they have not found regular use among most users due to their specificity. However, the Web Pilot plugin, which replaces the Bing browsing feature, has found favor among users.

A hidden feature in ChatGPT allows users to turn off chat history and training in the settings. This prevents inputs from being shared with OpenAI to improve the model. However, it’s important to note that this does not provide complete privacy and removes the chat history.

YouTuber AI Advantage has kindly put together a great comparison providing an overview of all the best and worst features of ChatGPT kindly put in order. Making it even easier to understand everything that available and has been released over the past months and how useful it really is to users. If you would like to learn more about using ChatGPT I highly recommend checking out the AI Advantage channel and its playlists.

Code interpreter

The code interpreter feature is another significant addition. It allows users to upload files and interact with documents simultaneously. This feature uses a newer version of GP, unofficially referred to as GPT 4.5, which interacts differently with data, produces better code, and can self-execute the code.

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Here are some of the key features of ChatGPT with a code interpreter:

  • Integrated Code Execution: At its core, ChatGPT with code execution allows for running Python code. This can be used for a wide variety of tasks like mathematical calculations, data analysis, simulations, and more.
  • Stateful Sessions: Unlike the original ChatGPT, this version can maintain a state throughout a session. This means that variables or results from one executed code snippet can be used later in the same session.
  • Rich Outputs: Besides plain text outputs, the code interpreter can generate plots, graphs, and other visualizations, which can help in understanding data or results better.
  • File Operations: The interpreter provides access to a virtual drive where users can upload files to be processed or where generated files can be saved for download.
  • Interactive Coding Help: The combination of ChatGPT and the code interpreter allows users to not only get answers to their questions but also get help with coding, debug issues, or even learn new programming concepts interactively.
  • Safety and Isolation: Code is executed in a sandboxed environment, ensuring that potentially harmful code does not affect external systems. This environment is transient and does not retain user data after the session ends.
  • No Internet Access: The code execution environment is isolated from the internet. This ensures security but also means that tasks requiring external web requests or API calls cannot be executed here.
  • Teaching and Learning: The interactive nature of ChatGPT with a code interpreter makes it a powerful tool for teaching and learning. Users can get real-time feedback on their code, understand concepts better, and see live demonstrations.
  • Broad Application: While Python is the primary language supported, the principles learned and discussed can often be applied to other programming languages and domains.
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New suggestions have been introduced to assist newcomers to Chat GPT, although experienced users may find these basic. Custom instructions, on the other hand, allow users to get specific answers. For instance, a user can set a persona of a serial entrepreneur and get answers from that viewpoint.

The ability to share chats is a useful feature for discussing prompt sequences with others. Additionally, Chat GPT no longer automatically logs users out every two weeks, a change that has been well-received by users.

The speed of GPT 3.5 has seen significant improvements since December, which is particularly beneficial for those using the API and building apps. The edit button, which allows users to alter prompts and test different things, makes it easier to iterate on prompts.

Looking ahead, users are keen on seeing new features rolled out to the ChatGPT service by OpenAI. Such as custom instruction profiles, customizable preset prompts, and multimodal GPT5. As ChatGPT continues to evolve, it’s clear that it’s setting new standards in the realm of AI language models. As more new features are rolled out to the ChatGPT AI service we will keep you up to date as always.

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