DC Handal’s new EV Chargers at IOI City Mall


DC Handal’s new EV Chargers at IOI City Mall

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During Raya, DC Handal has turned on one of its largest EV charging hubs located at IOI City Mall. This shopping mall location now gets an additional 8 new EV charge points and it’s also the first DC Handal site that offers AC charging.

DC Handal deploys 6 DC and 2 AC charge points at IOI City Mall

DC Handal chargers now at IOI City Mall

For this location, DC Handal has deployed two Autel 47kW MaxiCharger DC with two CCS2 nozzles and a more powerful 240kW Autel MaxiCharger DC which also comes with two CCS2 nozzles. Interestingly, DC Handal has also deployed two more 22kW Autel MaxiCharger AC Ultra Charge points, making this their first AC charge point offering on their network.

DC Handal deploys 8 charge points including AC and DC charge points

These chargers are located at IOI City Mall Level LG at Zone D, near Pillar D13. With DC Handal, you can activate the chargers by simply tapping your debit or credit card at the terminal. Alternatively, you can use apps such as ChargEV to activate and pay for the charging session.

DC Handal chargers are priced between RM1.00 to RM1.50 per kWh.

The 240kW DC Charger costs RM1.50 per kWh while the 47kW DC Charger costs RM1.30 per kWh. If you are going to spend hours at the mall, the AC chargers are cheaper at RM1.00 per kWh.

Besides DC Handal, there are other chargers at IOI City deployed by Shell Recharge and Tesla. Shell Recharge x ParkEasy chargers are priced from RM1.00 per kWh but there’s a RM5 confirmation fee to book the spot. Meanwhile, Tesla owners can still charge for free at the Destination chargers.


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