Disney ‘alternative Provides Wholesome Family And Faith Entertainment Thats Missing In Today’s Culture


Disney ‘alternative Provides Wholesome Family And Faith Entertainment Thats Missing In Today’s Culture

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Disney 'alternative Provides Wholesome Family And Faith Entertainment Thats Missing In Today's Culture
Disney 'alternative Provides Wholesome Family And Faith Entertainment Thats Missing In Today's Culture

Лорен Грин из Fox News заглядывает за кулисы Музея Библии



While Disney is embroiled in culture wars and legal battles with Florida and its governor, another entertainment alternative is gaining momentum.

This is someone who holds to the core beliefs that built America…perhaps the values ​​that the Disney brand held to.

It's called the Logos Theatre.


And it's not just theatrical productions, but films (both live and animated) and the conservatory, which is part of its umbrella organization, the Academy of the Arts, based in Taylor, South Carolina.

Artistic director Nicole Stratton told the Lighthouse Faith podcast, "We understand that God has raised us up at a time like this."


“We understand that God has resurrected us at such a time,” says Nicole Stratton, artistic director of the Logos Theatre. theater logos © Logos Theater “We understand that God created us at such a time,” said Nicole Stratton, Artistic Director of the Logos Theatre. theater logos

Stratton said he understands the dilemma faced by parents who simply want their children to watch wholesome entertainment that validates their values ​​rather than indoctrinate them with secular views of the genre.

Disney has been accused of falling under "revival pressure" and removing offensive language such as "ladies and gentlemen" and "boys and girls" from its theme parks.

Disney also rewrote two songs for the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid so as not to disturb young children.

Если родители считают это оскорбительным, что они делают?

Lauren Green, Fox News religious correspondent, with one of the big puppets in the Logos Theatre's production. Lauren Green/Fox News © Lauren Greene/Fox News Lauren Greene, religious correspondent for Fox News, stands with one of the large puppets featured in the Logos Theatre. Lauren Green/Fox News

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Стрэттон сказал: «Если отнять это у наших детей, у всех нас есть маленькие дети. What do we give them in return?


Логос в переводе с греческого означает «слово». Theologically, its meaning is much richer and deeper.

Logos is "the principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity, embodied in Jesus Christ."

When the Gospel of John begins with the words, "In the beginning was the Word," it actually means the Logos. Not just the Word of God, but his “created order”.


The theater is part of the Ministry of the Academy. It exists to revive faith through the story of stories.

Now the production company is more like David than Disney's Goliath.

However, his amazing puppets have been made for stage productions such as Pilgrim's Progress, K.S. Lewis, a horse and his boy against any Hollywood special effects.

To work with large dolls, three people are needed.

True faith requires thinking and collecting knowledge, says one of the most famous preachers of the world

The horse in the “Horses and his boy”, which is now sold in the Bible Museum in Washington, the District of Colombia, is large and strong enough so that the actors can ride.

It perfectly imitates the gallop and the sound of a real horse in step and lynx.

Aslan, the Leo, who represents Christ in the chronicles of Narnia, has wounds received by Jesus on the cross, engraved on his body.

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The master of the wound of Justin Swayne said that the manufacture of dolls is only part of the ministry.

“I mean that we serve the Creator. Therefore, I think that everything that you see, we produce, will be creative. ”

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But the reality is that Disney is no longer a house built by Walt.

Now there is one more thing that should be taken into account.

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