Dominion CEO: Fox News ‘knew The Truth About Voter Fraud Claims


Dominion CEO: Fox News ‘knew The Truth About Voter Fraud Claims

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Dominion CEO: Fox News ‘knew The Truth About Voter Fraud Claims

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The head of voting systems firm Dominion said Fox News knew the allegations made against the company by former President Trump and his associates after the 2020 election were false, but decided to go ahead with them.

"We told him. We tell him in real time. The rest told him. This was conveyed by a government representative. This was reported to them by representatives of the partisan government. This has been talked about in the Trump administration. Um, they were told by the local election boards on both sides of the aisle. It's not about not knowing the truth. They know the truth," said Dominion CEO John Poulos in an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes, which aired Sunday night.

Dominion is suing Fox and its parent company for $1.6 billion in a libel suit involving false statements by Trump and his key allies against the voting system company that aired in the days following the 2020 election.

Several high-profile Fox News anchors and staff have reportedly been fired by Dominion's lawyers in recent months as the company seeks to build its case against the cable news giant in what is considered one of the largest defamation cases against a major media company. in decades.

The New York Times reported this week that Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott is expected to speak by her side soon.

Fox attempted to dismiss the Dominion case on First Amendment grounds, arguing that the allegations made by Trump and his allies were meritorious and noting that it ran a fact check on the false claims about Dominion made by Sidney Powell's conservative attorney, Rudy. Giuliani and others. Trump's closest associate.

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The network denied the accusations made by Poulos before the 60th minute.

"We believe in victory because press freedom is the foundation of our democracy and must be protected, and corrective action is outrageous, unsupported and not based on sound financial analysis, which is nothing more than a blatant attempt to prevent our journalists from doing my job. . jobs, Fox New said in a statement late Sunday.

In June, a Delaware Supreme Court judge ruled that the case against Fox could proceed.

In the days following the election, Powell, Giuliani, and others at Fox falsely aired after the election that Dominion and other voting system companies were involved in voting machines and email fraud.

During the 60-minute segment, Poulos showed reporter Anderson Cooper how his company's technology worked and denied allegations of fraud by Trump and others.

"People are in danger," Poulos told Cooper, "and all because of lies."

Poulos said last week that the company's offices were closed due to threats and employees continued to weep over the situation.

Cooper asked, "Do you think you can prove not only that they lied, but also that they know that they are lying?"

“I… I didn't even think… I thought that was the easiest part,” Poulos replied.

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