F1 News: Ferrari’s Plan To Make Huge Improvement By Addressing Achilles Heel


F1 News: Ferrari’s Plan To Make Huge Improvement By Addressing Achilles Heel

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F1 News: Ferrari's Plan To Make Huge Improvement By Addressing Achilles Heel

Ferrari is devoting valuable resources to addressing one of its biggest weaknesses ahead of the 2023 season.

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The Italian team suffered from constant operational, reliability and strategic errors which cost them dearly throughout the campaign.

After the first three rounds, Ferrari's chances for the championship looked almost certain, but a curious series of defeats made the Scuderia's prospects disappear.

Perhaps what worries Ferrari the most is that their performance and overall competitiveness has steadily declined throughout the season.

George Russell's Mercedes victory in Brazil is one of many examples of Ferrari losing out to direct rivals at the track.

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Mattia Binotto says F1-75 development has been sacrificed to focus on 2023, but that doesn't mean the team's recent setback is being ignored.

Reliability becomes more of an issue at Maranello as engine failures result in costly DNFs in Spain, Baku and Austria.

According to F1 journalist Giuliano Ducques, this concern led Ferrari to use lower powered powertrains to reduce the chances of retirement.

The estimated loss from such a reduction in power is 6-7 tenths per lap, a huge amount for any team, let alone one with one-off title aspirations.

It is difficult to confirm the accuracy of this calculation, but it is undeniable that Ferrari is making reliability a priority next year.

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As the Formula 1 calendar gets longer, developing a reliable car is essential to ensure a consistent score.

Ferrari appears to have sacrificed performance to focus resources on a 2023 car that should maximize performance without risking reliability issues.

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There is no guarantee that Ferrari will solve their problems this campaign, but given the team's lack of progress this year, the pressure will be on the Scuderia to finally get things done next season.

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