F1 News: Williams Wants “too Nice” Alex Albon To Become More Demanding Of The Team


F1 News: Williams Wants “too Nice” Alex Albon To Become More Demanding Of The Team

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F1 News: Williams Wants

Williams technical director Alex Albon wants to take a more direct and critical approach to the team’s promotion, admitting that the 26-year-old is sometimes too nice.

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Albon has been one of the most consistent performers in the 2022 season, outperforming teammate Nicolas Latifi.

Albon, who is retiring in 2021, has proven that he is more than capable of guiding Williams to climb the field after a series of struggling seasons.

His points win in Australia (a combination of driving prowess and excellent technique) drew more post-race praise and discussion than Leclerc’s win on the streets of Melbourne.

Despite Alba’s many positives in the 2022 season, Williams is still far from a consistent points scorer in F1’s most competitive midfield.

Williams technical director Francois-Xavier Demezon highlighted areas where Alba can improve and help the team move forward;

“With his experience [in Formula 1], he helped us and gave us the right direction.

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“He is a good man, sometimes very handsome. He needs to be a little tougher with the team and push us a little more, but I’m working on that.

“That’s his nature, he can be tough without the helmet, but he has to be a little bit tougher during the briefing.

“Every day I tell him, ‘You should be…’ is a word I don’t say. If you want to be a world champion, you have to be.

Given that critical feedback is so important to competition and development in Formula 1, this criticism does not seem entirely unfounded.

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However, Alba’s “nice” personality will have little effect on Williams’ actual development over the next few seasons.

Diplomat Albo’s post-race recap has nothing to do with the Grove team race.

Instead, Williams’ progress will depend on how effectively they develop their assets, an area that has been notably lacking in recent years.

Either way, Alba is expected to lead the team going forward, especially with the arrival of Logan Sargent in the 2023 season.

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