Feds: Owner Of Exotic Fish Business Blamed Large Drugdealing Operation On PTSD


Feds: Owner Of Exotic Fish Business Blamed Large Drugdealing Operation On PTSD

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Feds: Owner Of Exotic Fish Business Blamed Large Drugdealing Operation On PTSD

A Middletown resident who used exotic fish as a cover to distribute 4.5 kilograms of methamphetamine and 13 kilograms of marijuana, the drug deal went haywire after post-traumatic stress disorder, which led to a 2017 shooting, court documents state. .

In connection with the robbery at the Middletown home, Timothy Ray Adkins pleaded guilty to "taking drugs from a source of supply in Chicago," the document said. Adkins, 36, said the debt forced him to sell more drugs, prosecutors said.

But prosecutors said they don't believe any money was stolen in December 2017.

"In this case, Adkins admitted to possessing the drug after facing a serious sentence because he was under pressure from a drug debt," documents filed this week before Adkins' sentencing said.

Prosecutors said that after the robbery, Adkins moved "a few blocks" from his home, where he sold drugs and even set up a marijuana operation.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Douglas Cole sentenced Adkins to 12.5 years in prison. Adkins will remain under state supervision for five years after his release.

The shuttered Adkins business is called Fish Crazy & Exotics. Adkins, who pleaded guilty to multiple drug and gun charges last year, transferred shipments of drugs from a Chicago source to the Middletown Central Avenue company, which has a website, Facebook page and Instagram account. .

In addition to kilograms of methamphetamine and marijuana, Adkins also had 28 grams of a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, court documents say.

Prosecutors said Adkins kept weapons and ammunition in the house, including a Remington 9mm pistol with a laser beam. In the year He was charged in March 2020. Two months later, he was living with his grandparents and continuing to distribute methamphetamine while under federal electronic surveillance, prosecutors said. Adkins, who was previously accused of dealing cocaine, had a gun and ammunition at his grandparents' home, authorities said.

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This article originally appeared in the Cincinnati Inquirer; FBI. A strange fish shop owner blames drug surgery on post-traumatic stress disorder.

The war on drugs in the depths of the sea. New England Coast Guard crew in the Pacific Ocean

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