Firewalla Gold SE firewall and router combined


Firewalla Gold SE firewall and router combined

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Firewalla has this week started taking preorders for its new Gold SE cyber security firewall and router which is priced at $419 offering a discount of the recommended retail price of $499 ahead of the hardware’s launch. Firewalla expects to start shipping its new firewall router sometime during November to December 2023.

The Firewalla Gold SE has been specifically created to provide users with an affordable version of Firewalla Gold and Gold Plus with 2.5Gbit interfaces. Features include 2 x 2.5 G and 2 x 1 G ethernet interfaces, the ability to protect your devices from cyberattacks, advanced insights into your network, safeguards your personal and business data.

Together with dynamic content filtering, monitor and control internet usage, block unwanted ads, built-in VPN server and VPN client, network segmentation and Lockdown mode, 2 Gigabits deep packet inspection hardware, advanced Smart Queue reducing network latency, multi-WAN for better performance and availability and no monthly fees.

“The Firewalla community has grown exponentially and we love hearing from users. It’s their requests for an affordable device that can operate at future speeds that inspired the Gold SE,” said Firewalla founder Jerry Chen. “It runs on the same software as the Gold and Gold Plus and makes cybersecurity, parental control, privacy protection, and a better network easy.”

“Deep Insight enables you to see your network at up to 2+ Gigabits per second. Control your network with intrusion prevention (IPS) and network segmentation, adding virtual walls around your connected devices and locking them down. Active Protect Rules block malicious sites, mitigate hacks and enhance security.”

Firewalla Gold SE firewall and router

“The Gold SE is our answer to your requests for a Firewalla that is fast enough to handle the Internet of the future while still being economical enough for everyday home networks. With 2 2.5Gb ports and 2 Gb ports, the Gold SE can get you the most out of your connection without sacrificing affordability. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!”

“From smart speakers to baby monitor cameras, there is no shortage of technology in your home for hackers to exploit. Firewalla sends automatic alerts and protects your devices from cyber threats. Detect, prevent and block active cyberattacks and intrusions Monitor for abnormal trends through intelligent behavior analytics Actively block malicious sites in real-time Continuously scan your home for security vulnerabilities and risks”

Source : Firewalla

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