Get Your Favorite Boat From Manitou Dealer in Gainesville At The Best Price


Get Your Favorite Boat From Manitou Dealer in Gainesville At The Best Price

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If you love going out into the open waters on your holidays, then you will love these boats. We are talking about pontoon boats that are ideal for taking your family or friends with you while going on a holiday. Pontoons are very versatile, and they come with a lot of features. You can go fishing, stage a party overboard, or even hover over a lake and take a nap in the middle of it. There are a lot of brands that make pontoon boats in the US, but among them all, Manitou remains the best brand. You can look up for a Manitou Dealer Gainesville and book an appointment with them before checking out the latest models.

Manitou Makes the Best Pontoons

What makes Manitou stand out is their sleek design and the added features. The pontoons come with a stable hull, that is, a two-cylinder bottom that makes the boat unsinkable, and stable even over rough waters. The body is mostly made of aluminum and therefore the vessel is very light. This light-weight body is coupled with powerful engines like Rotax too. All these combined gives you a very powerful, and very stable vessel. Manitou seems to have found the perfect mixture to make the best pontoon boats in the market.

There Are a Lot of Options For You To Choose From

If you visit a Manitou Dealer Henrietta Tx, you can find their boats categorized into four segments. They are Value, Recreation, Sport, and Luxury. The Value segment comes with the Cruise model which starts at $60,955. The Recreation segment comes with the Explore model, but comes with two different variants, either with a single engine, or with a dual engine set-up. The Explore model starts at $91,951, and it is priced at $167,149 with the dual engine set-up. The third segment, sport, comes with the LX model priced at $146,396. The Luxury segment comes with the XT model, which starts at $188,046.

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You Can Even Customize Your Own Boat

All the Manitou models come with a customizable option too. Even though this option is rarely available with Manitou Dealer Bowie, you can design and add your favorite features to the boat through their official website. You can start with selecting your favorite outer design, then you can add your engines, and then design your cabin with any number of seats. With extensive customization options you can truly experience the boats the way you want. It will be your own unique boat.

Get Service & Accessories From The Dealers Themselves

Or, you can go for a Manitou Dealer Graham, and check out the available models there. These dealers will help you pick up the best model to suit your needs. They are also equipped with all the personnel and gear to provide service to your boats too. You can save their contact and call them up whenever you need to service your boat. You need not haul it to the workshop, they will come trail the boat for you.

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