I Almost Died Covering Russia’s War Against Ukraine. Here’s How The News First Came To My Colleagues


I Almost Died Covering Russia’s War Against Ukraine. Here’s How The News First Came To My Colleagues

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I Almost Died Covering Russia's War Against Ukraine. Here's How The News First Came To My Colleagues
I Almost Died Covering Russia's War Against Ukraine. Here's How The News First Came To My Colleagues

Benjamin Hall remembers the moment a Russian bullet hit his car in Ukraine



Editor's note : The following is an excerpt from Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall's new book, Saved: To achieve the war correspondent's mission” (Harper, March 14, 2023).


Arlington, Va., March 14, 2022

Fox News Chief National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin looked down Corridor 9 on the second floor of the Pentagon's D-Ring and saw a woman walking toward her. Jane knows the woman, Sylvie Lanthom (AFP), a longtime national correspondent for an international media outlet, but can't understand why she's in such a hurry. No, it is unusual. Jane walks more than her share of Pentagon corridors with tight deadlines and breaking news.

"Is your team okay?" asked Lantheum when he finally caught up with her.

Benjamin Hall reflected on the Fox News reporter one year after the attack in Ukraine. "Real mixed emotions".

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Jane Griffin reports on the war in Ukraine based on a recent question she asked Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Benjamin Hall talks about his new book about returning home after the attack in Ukraine



It was a tense morning, as it has been every morning, afternoon and night since Russia invaded Ukraine 18 days ago. Fox News had many investors in Ukraine, and there was always a swirl of anxiety and activity around them, but Jane never heard anything against anyone. However, the look on Lantheum's face told him that something was wrong.

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"Ben and Pierre were probably shot," Lantheum said.

Pierre Zakrzhevsky is one of the cameramen working for Ukrainian Fox News. Ben, of course I am.

"Everything has changed." Benjamin Hall's wife speaks out on a Fox special



Immediately, Jane went into a practical mindset. "My mind is going for miles and going through all these activities, who do I know, who can I call, what can I do," she explains. "I have faced terrible situations before."

"Benjamin Hall urges viewers to 'never give up' on emotional return to live TV," Fox News reports.

A belt is required per year. the world

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin received the 2022 Gold Medal for Public Service for Freedom of the Media.



As a journalist, he is known as an effective problem leader and manager. "Jennifer is the kind of person who walks into a room," says one of her former colleagues, "and within five minutes everyone is saying, 'Hey!' "What are we going to do?"

Fox Corporation has pledged 1 million dollars to the American Red Cross for Ukraine.



Outside the Fox News media booth at the Pentagon, Lantheum was on the phone for two or three seconds when asked about his team. He needed to know what had happened, how bad it was, and what he could do to fix it.

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The first person he called was Jay Wallace. Shortly before noon that day, Nicole Knee, executive assistant to Fox News Media chairman Jay Wallace, picked up the phone in her office in the News Corporation Building in the Fox News Media skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. It was Greg Haden's call. He asked to speak with Fox News International editor-in-chief and vice president of news reporting Greg Jay.

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Nicole tells her that Jay is in a meeting and will be back in ten minutes.

Benjamin Hall addresses the survivors of the attack in Ukraine from the Fox special



Two minutes later, Greg called again.

"You need to call Jane, it's urgent," he said. "I think our team was attacked by Ukraine."

Nicole wrote a message on a Post-it note and hurried to a second-floor conference room where Fox News CEO Jay and Susan Scott were holding a talent meeting. He hands the card to Jay in the conference room.

Haden called and said it was urgent .

Ukraine has taken its biggest step south since the war with Russia.

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