Is Air Travel Safety On The Brink Of Disaster?


Is Air Travel Safety On The Brink Of Disaster?

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Is Air Travel Safety On The Brink Of Disaster?
Is Air Travel Safety On The Brink Of Disaster?

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A Washington Post article notes that air travel security is at a critical juncture. Airplane crashes are rare these days, and the most recent crash to hit the headlines was with the 737-8 Max, but that was a few years ago and Boeing seems to have fixed the plane's flaws.

The article states that an alarming increase in the number of near-catastrophic aviation accidents has been observed in the last quarter. The frequency and severity of these incidents indicate the need for urgent and decisive action to improve aviation safety.

In addition, there have been a number of non-fatal accidents in this industry. There are about five reports that have not been implemented in the last two months. It will be fatal if the problem cannot be solved. The plane fell thousands of feet, a communications component malfunctioned, and it nearly crashed.

Netizens do not forget that airlines work for profit. But as in any business. Internet users themselves say that this is why airlines do not care about the safety of their passengers. But a bold charge.

Simple Flying claims that flying is still the safest form of transportation we have today. Compared to its early days, it has improved greatly in terms of safety. In the 1960s, flying was more dangerous, with a fatality rate of one in 350,000 passengers. The current death rate is one in 7.9 million.

Liberal netizens accuse the rights of not paying enough attention to aviation safety regulations. Another internet user responded by saying that a company responsible for the lives of millions of people who use its services every day should not be instilled with political ideology.

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A disturbing fact raised by the Washington Post is that the current head of the FAA is volatile. Congressional allegations that the administration has been underfunded in recent decades may also be another factor in the possible decline in security.

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