Logan Palmer Moves On From Bachelor In Paradise Drama To Promote His Music


Logan Palmer Moves On From Bachelor In Paradise Drama To Promote His Music

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Logan Palmer Moves On From Bachelor In Paradise Drama To Promote His Music

Logan Palmer has a whole new following and isn’t missing an opportunity to advance his music career.

Logan was first introduced to Bachelor Nation as a contestant who moved to Gabby Windy’s men’s team on the final season of The Bachelorette.

However, after a strong presence on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Logan has become one of the most recognizable faces in the franchise today.

During last week’s two-part Season 8 finale, BIP viewers saw Kate Gallivan reject Logan’s final rose, and the two ended their troubled relationship on the spot.

Viewers also saw Logan confront Kate during a meeting where she stood up for herself and explained how hard she worked to build a successful career in the film industry several years ago; a moment that quickly became part of our top 10 checks. to finish

In addition to being a tour guide, dog walker, and filmmaker, Logan also has a music career that he hopes to pursue after completing Paradise.

Over the weekend, Logan, who now has 66,600 Instagram followers, shared the release of two new songs.

He shared two screenshots from Machine Heart and YOU NEVER CALL ME ON BIRTHDAY, which can be found on Spotify under the name Logan Seagull.

“Cats come out of the park, sometimes I make music”, he wrote.

Followers commented to share their thoughts on the songs, including BIP season 8 performer Florence Alexandra. “Ok, but your music is playing, why haven’t we heard about it in heaven?”, he wrote.

Comment on Logan's post
Credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

Logan also shared a video on his TikTok to let his followers know about the music release. The clip featured him holding a guitar while one of his new songs played in the background.

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Above the video was written: “Before I get a stupid grin, I forgot to tell you that I make music.”

“I’m really playing a song or something,” her caption reads.

Logan talks about his career

After the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, Logan said he got a few questions about his pre-Bachelor career, which he briefly addressed while confronting Kate.

He explained via Instagram how he moved to California in 2019 with no plans to break into the film industry. After working hard to make ends meet, he took a menial job at a news studio and was eventually promoted to full-time cameraman.

He then had the opportunity to become a cinematographer for the San Diego Padres, where he covered their home games and produced high-quality content for television and social media.

Logan said he now works as a freelance creative writer and videographer, following his passion for telling other people’s stories.

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That is, when you’re not recording new music.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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