Mandela Freed, Battleship ‘Maine’ Blows Up: News Journal Archives, Week Of Feb. 12


Mandela Freed, Battleship ‘Maine’ Blows Up: News Journal Archives, Week Of Feb. 12

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Mandela Freed, Battleship 'Maine' Blows Up: News Journal Archives, Week Of Feb. 12
Mandela Freed, Battleship 'Maine' Blows Up: News Journal Archives, Week Of Feb. 12

News magazine dated February 12, 1990

The crowd cheers for Mandela's release, but the happy day is engulfed in violence

Cape Town, South Africa. Nelson Mandela stormed through the prison gates on Sunday, prompting state celebrations and violent clashes as blacks welcomed their leader to the prison after 27 years.

Friends and compatriots, South Africans, I salute you for peace, democracy and freedom for all," Mandela said to the tens of thousands of cheering supporters gathered outside City Hall at sunset, many of whom were witnessing the 71st anniversary Former president of the African National Congress.

But he strongly reaffirmed his commitment to the ANC's guerrilla campaign and called for more pressure to end white supremacy, for the same reason he was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring against the government…

Today, most South Africans, black or white, understand that there is no future for apartheid. This must end with our decisive public action.

Violence broke out around the same time as Mandela's motorcade arrived in Cape Town and delayed his speech. Police say a black secret was killed by policemen and an emergency paramedic and more than 100 people were injured when police opened fire with rifles after groups of black youths smashed shop windows…

February 15, 1929 Wilmington Morning News

Seven gang members are killed in Chicago after being captured by enemies disguised as cops.

On February 14, Chicago mobsters disguised as police officers stormed the Northside stronghold of George Moran's gang, laid seven unarmed victims against a white brick wall, and mowed them down with machine guns and submachine guns.

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The mass execution was carried out at 10:30 precisely by an army squadron. It was a turning point in Chicago gang history, with the gang's death toll reaching over 135 in recent years.

The five men drove to Moran's residence in a garage at 2122 North Clark Street after calling to see if there were any gang members there. Armed with handguns and automatic rifles, they broke into the garage and told the seven men they were police officers. Some of them were twinkling stars, while others wore bits of police uniform…

The woman told the policeman that someone was injured in the garage and the policeman came in to investigate this fun filled story. He found six victims lying where they had fallen, their feet on the platform, their faces turned to the bright light above them. The seventh victim, mortally wounded, was found in another room…

Reports of ongoing crime. 3 wounded, 1 killed in Wilmington shooting at Price Run on Saturday.

February 16, 1898 Morning news.

Explosion of Battleship Maine

A report from Havana in the early morning hours said that the battleship Maine had been partially sunk in an explosion off the coast of Havana and was now ablaze.

The explosion took place yesterday around ten in the morning. This is believed to be due to the explosion of the boilers. Details are fuzzy at the moment…

More than 100 sailors are said to have lost their lives in the terrible accident. Every attempt was made to stop the advance of the torch but it quickly got out of control of the crew…

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Maine was recently sent to Havana to protect American interests. She was one of the most terrifying battleships in the United States…

Latest military news. Biden visits Delaware to announce new benefits for toxin-exposed veterans

February 17, 1898 Morning News.

Maine was threatened

Dr SI Pendletown arrived in New York February 16th from Key West on the steamer Ambassas. He says he heard many threats of violence in Maine while in Havana.

Finally the Spanish spoke to him enthusiastically. "We have enough underwater mines under and around Maine to turn Maine into hell if we will."

Arrived from Havana today at 4am. The cause of the crash remains a mystery. The exact number of victims is 251. There were 354 …

Check the date . From The News Journal archives, the week of December 26.

February 17, 1923, Al-Masà newspaper

Treasures found in Tutankhamun's tomb

In the Valley of the Kings, where Pharaoh Tutankhamun's royal funeral procession solemnly marched 3,500 years ago, the people of the new civilization were now preparing to exhume the ancient king from the tomb where he had slept for 35 centuries.

The opening from the closed door to the internal vault will remain closed until everyone is ready for the official opening ceremony on Sunday.

When Howard Carter and other archaeologists entered the inner tomb yesterday, they found an unprecedented abundance of Egyptian furniture, idols and other items of priceless historical value…

The walls of the coffin, apparently of wood, were about two feet from the chamber walls. Its surface has been skilfully carved and gilded…

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Next to the sarcophagus in the tomb was a statue of a cat that was considered sacred in ancient Egypt. The canopy, the vases and burial urns, the small coffins believed to contain small images of the servants who were supposed to do Tutankhamun's work in the afterlife, and many other things placed there to help him on his journey to eternal help. .

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This article originally appeared in the Delaware News-Journal. Mandela was released and Meng exploded. News Magazine Archives, Feb. 12

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