MAS cancels Sabah and Sarawak flights due to Mount Ruang eruption


MAS cancels Sabah and Sarawak flights due to Mount Ruang eruption

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Malaysia Airlines has cancelled several flights between KLIA, Sabah, and Sarawak for today. The emergency move was done due to the volcanic eruption that happened at Mount Ruang which is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

List of Malaysia Airlines flights affected by Mount Ruang volcano eruption

According to the list that MAS has published online, the affected flights for Sabah involved Kota, Kinabalu, Tawau, and Sandakan. The volcano eruption has also affected the flights to and from Kuching, Miri, and Bintulu.

Below is the full list of Sabah flights that have been cancelled by MAS for today:

  • MH7420 (KUL-TWU)
  • MH7421 (TWU-KUL)
  • MH2612 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH2621 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH2710 (KUL-SDK)
  • MH2711 (SDK-KUL)
  • MH2610 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH2611 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH7404 (KUL-BKI)
  • MH7405 (BKI-KUL)
  • MH2613 (BKI-KUL)

As for Sarawak, here’s the list:

  • MH2520 (KUL-KCH)
  • MH2513 (KCH-KUL)
  • MH2542 (KUL-KCH)
  • MH2543 (KCH-KUL)
  • MH2574 (KUL-MYY)
  • MH2575 (MYY-KUL)
  • MH2742 (KUL-BTU)
  • MH2473 (BTU-KUL)

In the same announcement, MAS has urged all passengers to update their contact details through the My Booking section on MAS’ website. This for them to receive direct updates regarding the situation via email and SMS.

 At the same, MAS has also said that it is working to get affected passengers on alternative flights once the situation has improved.


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