Miley Cyrus Pours It Out On The Dance Floor In “River” Music Video


Miley Cyrus Pours It Out On The Dance Floor In “River” Music Video

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Miley Cyrus Pours It Out On The Dance Floor In
Miley Cyrus Pours It Out On The Dance Floor In

Miley Cyrus in the video for "River." © Screenshot: Miley Cyrus/Youtube Miley Cyrus in the "River" music video.

If you look at any major pop icon of the last 30 years, you'll see that the more influential the career, the more formative periods there were. Madonna, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, and the Miss Era Taylor Swift tour reinvented herself every few years, allowing herself to try out new sounds and looks and even changing the world of music in the process. .

This kind of change is nothing new for Miley Cyrus, whose career has spanned bubble pop, hip-hop, country and even guitar-mad rock on the Disney Channel. However, the Plastic Hearts singer is already gearing up for a new artistic vision, as seen in her new dance-inspired video for "Rivers," the second single from her recently released album Endless Summer Vacation .

Miley Cyrus – Rio (Official Video)

Shot in black and white, Cyrus becomes a melody drowning in her lover's love (in a good, sexy way) in this Jacob Bixenman-directed video. While California is known for its history of drought, Miley's love life definitely isn't. With plenty of water-related metaphors like "April in an April shower" and "Before I met you/I was in a drought," Cyrus brings out her best Studio 54 dance moves among a group of handsome, shirtless men. . while the water falls on them. Damn fun in Blade 1998, hopefully sanitary.

As for the inspiration behind the catchy synth track, Cyrus explained that it came at a time in her life where she was "going through a lot, both emotionally and personally."

"All my songs evolve," the "Flowers" singer explains in a special clip from Disney+'s "Backyard Sessions." "They can start out as troublesome, like the rain in April, the rain never stops, and then it starts to rain love."

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In short, Cyrus said, "dance floor thump" meant something simpler. "They didn't want me to talk about [censoring] the song."

The self-proclaimed "dirty" track follows the success of "Flowers," which has topped the Billboard Top 100 since its debut and earned Cyrus her second US number one hit.

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