Northern Ireland Business Groups Welcome Brexit Deal ‘certainty’


Northern Ireland Business Groups Welcome Brexit Deal ‘certainty’

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Northern Ireland Business Groups Welcome Brexit Deal 'certainty'
Northern Ireland Business Groups Welcome Brexit Deal 'certainty'

FILE PHOTO: The Northern Ireland Protocol has hurt some institutions, as many expected Thomson Reuters file photo: The Northern Ireland protocol is hurting some businesses and promoting many

Author: Amanda Ferguson

BELFAST (Reuters) – Northern Ireland business groups are calling on the region and politicians to do the same and restore a power-sharing government in the region after a new deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom on post-Brexit trade rules was proposed to the companies involved. .

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday he had removed the "sense of borders" between Northern Ireland and the rest of England – a situation that has angered pro-British politicians and upset some businesses.

The Northern Ireland Trade Task Force, which represents all major industries in Northern Ireland, said that "a deal is an important step in ensuring the stability and certainty businesses are looking for".

“We mutually want the agreement to provide a single platform that will unlock economic growth and investment, but we need time and space to finalize technical details with our partners.”

The group includes representatives from traders, producers, manufacturers and explorers.

Several of those members, including Logistics UK, Retail NI, Manufacturing NI and Small Business Northern Ireland, issued separate statements welcoming the deal.

Pro-British politicians reacted coldly. The leader of the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party said his party was currently reviewing the law but concerns remained.

The DUP has taken control of the Northern Ireland Regional Assembly over the past year in protest of post-Brexit checks between Britain and Northern Ireland.

"More importantly, we hope this agreement will pave the way for a full and speedy return of executive and board power," Selina Horsey, chairwoman of the Londonderry Chamber, said in a statement.

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Domestic political decisions have long stalled."

(Reporting by Amanda Ferguson; Writing by Padrick Halpin; Editing by Hugh Lawson and Angus McSwan)

“Bloomberg Monitoring Simulcast” (02/27/2023)

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