PowerPoint Live Now Has Closed Captions…And Other Technology News Impacting Your Business This Week


PowerPoint Live Now Has Closed Captions…And Other Technology News Impacting Your Business This Week

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PowerPoint Live Now Has Closed Captions…And Other Technology News Impacting Your Business This Week
PowerPoint Live Now Has Closed Captions…And Other Technology News Impacting Your Business This Week

Five things that happened in tech this week and how they affected your business. you missed her

1 – Microsoft PowerPoint Live for Teams provides closed captioning for meetings

Microsoft has announced that PowerPoint Live now includes the closed captioning feature. Closed captioning can be enabled during team meetings for the hearing impaired or users who wish to use an additional communication tool. The team's blog page has step-by-step instructions on how to enable subtitles on Windows and macOS. (Source: Microsoft)

Why your business is important:

The tool allows someone to use a feature that appears only at the bottom of the slideshow on the screen without disturbing other meeting participants. As someone who regularly uses subtitles to watch Netflix, I can imagine using this feature a lot on my dates, especially when someone shows up with a Liverpool accent!

2 – Research shows that two-thirds of organizations have experienced a breach due to remote work

Organizations continue to face the security challenges posed by remote work. Data from the Fortinet 2023 study shows that organizations become more receptive when they support the work-from-home model. 62% of companies surveyed said data breaches were "in part" the result of employees working from home. The "lack of cyber security training" was a determining factor. Identity access management, the technology that helps companies use complex protocols, is another obstacle to remote work. While organizations spend time and money preventing mass breaches, supporting a remote or hybrid environment requires minimizing these risks. (Source: VentureBeat)

Why your business is important:

With the increase in malware attacks, it is important for companies to hire IT companies for training, additional security software, and regular monitoring of routers and home worker hardware installations to prevent security increases. Stricter measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) are also among the solutions recommended by experts. This is the investment you should make this year.

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3 – An ongoing malware campaign targeting small business routers

HiatusRAT – A malware campaign targeting pharmaceutical and IT companies in the crosshairs. HiatusRAT's crawlers say that routers are the entry point. From a hardware perspective, routers have vulnerabilities in their architecture that hackers can relatively easily exploit. The researchers behind HiatusRAT don't know, and the extent of the damage remains to be seen. It is recommended to regularly monitor the router and security updates as a precaution. (Source: Axios)

Why your business is important:

Routers, whether in our business or at home, are the weakest link in the security chain. Ask your IT professional to make sure your home and business routers are running the latest software. Have remote workers set up a separate login for their desktop, away from how they see it at home.

4 – Tech companies are trying to make retail stores as scalable as websites

Your shopping experience is not online, you have a very nice upgrade. Refrigerators, a company that turns refrigerator doors into high-resolution displays, is seeing a surge in interested leads as retailers focus on improving the shopping experience. As e-commerce trends accelerate the spread of the pandemic, traditional businesses are looking to increase store traffic. Walgreens is already on this path and has partnered with Cooler Screens. Companies like Placer.Ai help stores measure customer habits and time spent browsing products. (Source: ModernRetail)

Why your business is important:

This technology should be of great interest to anyone working with a static website. New technologies make it easier to understand where our visitors are browsing, surfing and surfing, just as they do on our websites. Then why not?

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5- Najida launched the e-commerce support program for small businesses

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) has launched a pilot program to help small businesses develop their online presence through free marketing consulting services. (Source: New Jersey Businesses)

Why your business is important:

Called the Small Business Ecommerce Support Program, it will connect New Jersey businesses with marketers to help them grow their online presence… and it's funded entirely by the state. If you are in New Jersey looking to grow your business, these free services can be a great help.

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