Top Props to Include in Child’s Party


Top Props to Include in Child’s Party

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If there is one thing that is sure to make your kids jump up and down with pure joy and excitement, it definitely has to be a party. And if you want to organize a perfect party without any hassle then you should plan it with the professionals like

Decorative Hats 

Hats have their ways of making our clothes look extra fashionable when we put them on. It is only natural that children too are appealed by that idea and wish to look that extra bit of fabulous. 

Decorate some hats for your child’s’ party. Try to come up with a unique way to decorate them so that it makes an impact on children and create a special memory for them. You can make the hats all different if you wish to or if you are celebrating something specifically for one person, make a different hat for them than the rest so that it makes them super happy to receive that extra attention.


A piñata is usually a birthday prop, but you can make use of it for any other party for children. The excitement of smashing and getting the delicious contents stored inside the piñata is hard to resist, which is what makes it one of the essential party props that children are absolutely crazy about. 

The interesting thing about a piñata is that you can make it look like any shape you want such as a horse, a star, a cartoon character, etc. for professional assistance, you can hire the services at StarDustKids, or you can also DIY this prop. The options are endless so you can easily choose one based on the occasion or the theme of the party.   



Putting up a huge sign for the party can make the occasion look more festive and captivating to little children. 

Most people aren’t always willing to paint their walls with huge signs; they also might have doubts about whether if it will look good or not. Creating or buying a banner makes things easier as you can make changes to it if you don’t like how it looks or buy another one if the prior one did not suit your taste. 


What better way to remember a party for years to come- is to preserve that moment in a photograph. This means that having a photo booth is an essential prop for any party for your kids to look back to happy when they get old. 

Now if you wish to, you can hire a professional photo booth service. However, they can be costly. So why not build your own customized photo booth instead? You will have fun making it, choose your own designs and don’t even have to pay a large sum for it to get done. 

Some of the common yet captivating photo booth designs can be a wall covered with fairy lights. You can also add in some hanging frames to the backdrop to make it more interesting. You can also use a balloon filled backdrop. Putting up different colors will be more creative. Or you can hang pictures of cartoon characters that kids these days tend to watch a lot so that it gives more depth to their memory and makes that party even more special.  

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Fairy Lights 

When it comes to decoration items, fairy lights have become so popular nowadays that without it, your party won’t have that extra glam to make it perfect. 

Fairy lights are fairly inexpensive. Moreover, you can find fairy lights in almost any shape you want. You can get one in floral shapes, geometrical shapes, etc. Plus, the lightings can vary from one single color to a dozen different shades of bright colors.  

You can decorate the walls or the doorways with fairy lights. If you are holding the party outdoors, you can easily string them up on the bushes or trees for a fantasy dreamlike view that little children will stare at in awe. 

Fancy Balloons 

You cannot have a party without balloons now, can you? After all, balloons for birthday are one of the main essence of a party and extremely captivating for little children as well.

With balloons, it’s easy to get creative and make so many different things from it. For example, you can hire a professional for balloon modeling. Kids love seeing the process of how things are made so they can enjoy a great time getting balloons of their choice being modeled for them and have the chance to see how they are made as well. 

Another example can be balloon confetti. They are super cute, and it’s also fun to see the confetti moving inside. Plus, it’s even better when you pop them, and you get showered with the colorful confetti from above. 

Crafted Napkins 

Just to add a little more interest to your child’s party, let your imagination run wild for even the simplest things- such as the napkins. 

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Let go of those everyday square-shaped napkins and give them a new look to keep the kids entertained. Plus, you don’t waste a dime for it. All you need are a pair of scissors and a creative approach.  

You can cut the napkins in anything that children like such as animals or heart shapes or floral designs etc. It will take effort, but it is a great way to keep the kids interested in the smallest things you do to make the extra party special. 

Gumball Machines 

No one loves candies more than children, and we know that they look for any chance to get them for free. This is why if you get a gumball machine for a party, make sure that you get lots of candies to refill it with. 

You can get a miniature gumball machine or even make it yourself. One way to do it would be to attach a round glass bowl, as the top, on an upside-down empty flower pot which will work as a base. Search for other ways here.   


It is difficult satisfying your child’s needs- but it is not impossible. In fact, if you follow the tips written below, you can make things easier for yourself by knowing what some of the important things you need to make your child’s party one of the happiest days of their life are.

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