What Record Sports Gambling Revenues Mean For Media Partners


What Record Sports Gambling Revenues Mean For Media Partners

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What Record Sports Gambling Revenues Mean For Media Partners
What Record Sports Gambling Revenues Mean For Media Partners

2022 has been another record year for the US mobile sports betting industry.

All states are now paying full tariffs, $42.7 billion (84%) more than last year's $93.4 billion in 2021.

Considering how many states are entering the mobile gaming market for the first time or having their first full year in 2022, we should expect a significant increase in overall betting volume. New York and Louisiana began operations in January 2022, Arkansas in March, Kansas in September and Maryland in late November, and Connecticut, Arizona, Iowa and Wyoming will have their first full year in 2022.

From an economic point of view, adding new markets to old markets is called artificial growth, which can sometimes give the illusion of growth when the current market doesn't change. To assess whether that applies to mobile sports betting, a dedicated VIP+ review stated that betting is legal every two years. That shows $60.2 billion shipped in 2022, up $9.5 billion or 19 percent from 2021.

New York is the state with the most bets in 2022: $16.2 billion, or 17% of the total. The Northeast is certainly big on gambling, with four of the top five states in the region accounting for nearly half of the $42.9 billion (46%) of online sports betting.

While winning money is the most popular reason to bet on sports, data from research partner VIP+ CRG Global in our Sports Gambling & Media report shows that one of the most popular reasons is that betting has "become a game I watch". For another reason it relates to watching games on TV, which is also important for some good games.

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Therefore, we can expect even tighter integration between sports broadcasters and bookmakers in the next year or two. For example, check out NBC Sports' partnership with PointsBet, which focuses on local sports broadcasts in countries where NBC's RSN is legal.

As part of the partnership, NBC is offering an alternative stream of live game commentary called "BetCasts", in-game sports betting data, and PointsBet analysts, such as "Queen Prop" Ariel Epstein, at the upcoming studio NBC Sports. door of the commentators

As RSN's business state is a bit hazy for some networks, VIP+ hopes to have closer integration with games to appeal to the most passionate local fans. Finally, sports betting coverage and alternative game updates can be expected for most major sports in the coming years as media partners seek new sources of revenue and ways to engage fans in the long term.

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