Disney Parks News At D23: First Looks At New & Potential ‘Coco, ‘Frozen, ‘Moana, ‘Zootopia & “Villains” Attractions


Disney Parks News At D23: First Looks At New & Potential ‘Coco, ‘Frozen, ‘Moana, ‘Zootopia & “Villains” Attractions

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Disney Parks News At D23: First Looks At New & Potential ‘Coco, ‘Frozen, ‘Moana, ‘Zootopia & “Villains” Attractions
D23 Expo News Imagineering And Parks Plans Revealed

In his two-hour presentation at D23 today, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products President Josh D'Amaro listed a long list of upcoming (and possibly upcoming) movie-themed attractions.

First up is Frozen, which will offer new locations at the company's three parks internationally.

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Next year, Hong Kong Disneyland will be added for the first time.

According to Disney, "World of Frozen" will open at the park "in the second half of 2023."


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A little further afield, there will be a Frozen-themed land at Disneyland Paris, which will also house a new Tangle-themed attraction.

For Disney: Land "will be the next step in the ongoing transformation of Walt Disney Studios Parks. Land will offer a beautiful lakeside promenade and immerse guests in the same magical winter atmosphere from the movies."


As previously announced, Tokyo Park will receive Frozen-inspired attractions as part of an expansion called Fantasy Springs, which will also include elements inspired by Tangled and Peter Pan.

Space Mountain in Tokyo Park will undergo a transformation that looks most impressive in the night concept presented by D'Amaro.


The biggest applause from D23 Expo fans came for the potential Coco-themed lands that could also feature Encanto elements. Beyond Great Thunder Mountain in Walt Disney World: Encanto.


Even in the speculative realm, there's a renovation tied to Moana and possibly Zootopia at Orlando's Animal Kingdom, according to Disney executives. According to Walt Disney Animation Studios CEO Jennifer Lee, Moiana's attractions may include "creatures of the deep." Of course, Walt Disney World already has a Moiana-inspired attraction called Journey of Water, opening next year at Epcot, where guests will "travel through the history of water on the planet, inspired by Moiana's connection to the sea". .

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Before that, Zootopia will also be present at Shanghai Disneyland in the form of Zootopia Central Station.


D'Amaro also revealed footage of himself riding the new Tron Lightcycle attraction, which will hit Disney World in the spring of 2023.

The original cast of The Princess and the Frog will provide the voices for Tiana's bayou adventure, which will replace Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2024. Tiana's film voice, Anika Noni Rose, is here to give fans a taste of what it's all about. is.

Disneyland's reimagining of Mickey's Toontown will be unveiled in 2023, ushering in "a new era of inclusive experiences for families of all ages." As part of the renovation, "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway will invite guests into a cartoon world where cartoon rules apply."


Disneyland will also offer two new evenings around the cinema at the end of January 2023.

World of Color – One celebrates Walt's legacy of storytelling and Disney's first 100 years. He promised to "tell new stories through Disney classics and new favorites."


Disney's "Wonderful Journeys"; and will feature references to all 60 Disney animated films and include an "absolutely incredible" new song titled "It's Wondrous," which D'Amaro premiered to the public at D23 Expo.


As part of What May Be on the Horizon, D'Amaro teases "a country ruled by bad guys" with a promo in the Disney animated classic. While he dismissed it as yet another heavenly idea, when he needed a proof of concept, his tone received huge applause from the audience.

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A few other ads:

California Adventure has added the Pixar Place Hotel, "where you'll feel like you've entered a Pixar art gallery with new versions of your favorite Pixar friends," according to a tweet from Disney.


A nod to Big Hero 6 comes to life at Disney California Adventure Park's Pacific Wharf, as seen in the animated film


Mando and Grogu will join the characters interacting with Star Wars Land guests at Disneyland in mid-November.

Finally, for fans of old-school parks, The Hatbox Ghost returns to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion.


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