Understanding Bay Area Travelers: How To Market Your Travel Brand


Understanding Bay Area Travelers: How To Market Your Travel Brand

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Understanding Bay Area Travelers: How To Market Your Travel Brand
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Studies show that Gulf residents spend $10 billion on travel each year. This number includes:

  • $3.1 billion in travel tickets
  • $3.2 billion for housing
  • $2.2 billion in food and beverage
  • $700 million for out-of-town entertainment
  • $1.0 billion for transportation outside the city limits

The Bay Area has the highest average household spending of any urban area in the country. The pandemic has forced many budding professionals to get out and find new experiences this year. In fact, 72 percent of Gen Xers surveyed this year said they plan to take a big vacation this year, and the average Gen Z will spend 29 days on the road this year.

However, Gen Z isn’t the only generation looking to plan their next vacation: 58% of Bay Area millennials and 43% of Zers took a domestic flight in the past year. Affluent retirees are also loyal vacationers, with 67% saying they return to their favorite vacation spots whenever they can. Residents, regardless of generation, are ready for the next adventure.

Here’s what you need to know about Bay Area travelers: demographics, travel preferences, and the best ways to market to them.

Understanding the Bay Area Traveler

Understanding the travel experience of the Gulf residents is critical to tapping into this lucrative market. Residents usually:

  • Rich. Thanks to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area’s lucrative tech sector, many residents earn well above average incomes. The median income in the region is $124,966, which is 72% higher than the national average.
  • Different and traditional. The diversity of the Bay Area has grown in recent years. In addition, they read well and know exactly where they want to go next.
  • Creative work. It’s hard to find a San Francisco resident who isn’t on social media. Most of them are associated with Instagram and TikTok, but they also use Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter on a daily basis. As technology takes center stage, technical knowledge is important to the majority of the population.

Although travel is incredibly popular among people in the Gulf region, how they travel depends on circumstances, generation, income and goals. Here are the best hikes in the Bay Area and the best ways to get there.

Printers for notebooks

Many Bay Area residents travel for business and pleasure. Laptops are a relatively new but growing model for travel. They benefit from the rise of telecommuting, which allows them to take longer vacations and live the lifestyle of digital nomads.

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Loading a laptop or Workcations has become one of the most popular types of travel. In 2021, the survey found that 50% of respondents said they take work laptops with them when they travel. This is very timely when employees want to go home but don’t use their time off during the holiday season. Last year, Deloitte said the laptop made two to four trips during the holiday season between November and mid-January.

Bay Area residents who bring work with them take long or frequent vacations. Some do their work almost entirely on the road. Companies have more opportunities to use this group of workers, but still have enough time for the next trip.

Challenge the travelers

After years of living in a house or apartment, many Bay Area residents are looking to leave their city and move somewhere new. Even expensive airlines will not prevent them from taking the next flight. But the type of vacation you want has changed.

The experiential travel market is a type of active travel that emphasizes domestic experiences for a richer, more authentic experience. It moves away from tourist attractions and connects with local people, and travelers want to be involved in local projects. This is driven by millennials and Gen Z, who say they want to travel primarily for experience and culture.

Culinary experiences are an important part of experiential travel. Travelers especially want to find unique gastronomic experiences related to local culture. They are looking for hidden gems that are not overshadowed by mass tourism. Bay Area residents rely heavily on social media to explore uncharted territory and the Internet to learn about local culture and cuisine.

Weekend travelers

Bay Area residents don’t have to go far to satisfy their thirst for travel. The area is rich in local experiences, food and entertainment. From the central coast to the mountains and wine country, locals have plenty to explore. Some of the most popular weekend destinations include:

  • Yosemite
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Sacramento
  • Santa Cruz
  • Mora Bay
  • Paso Robles
  • Napa
  • Santa Rosa/Sonoma
  • Monterey
  • Caramel

For some residents, frequent weekend trips are preferred to longer and shorter vacations. Instead of waiting months for your next flight, you can use all local destinations and return multiple times!

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Luxury travelers

Rising inflation has made travel more difficult for many people. However, luxury travel will continue to grow and their customer base will not depend on the high cost of travel. From private jets to luxury hotels and super yachts, luxury vacations are growing exponentially. Even trains like the Eastern Express combine tradition and beauty for an unforgettable journey.

Having survived the plague, they are ready to live and travel in style. Many saved up during the pandemic because they couldn’t go out and are now ready to splurge on luxury travel.

However, luxury travel is not the only luxury traveller. High-income shoppers, who are becoming increasingly socially conscious, prefer more thoughtful and responsible vacations. They choose the best ecological and ecological travel for the planet. Luxury travel brands must cater to this growing demographic to stay relevant and avoid alienating a potentially lucrative customer base.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or a sense of the world, certain expectations still separate luxury buyers from mass tourism. Luxury travelers want to make up for lost time and create memories to last a lifetime. They are looking for the ultimate service that includes a unique experience, high customization and a human approach to every detail.

How to sell to travelers in the Bay Area

With a large number of avid travelers, businesses in the Gulf region have a great opportunity to promote tourism. However, in order to find the right audience, you need to understand the different ways to reach it. Here are some great ways to connect with Bay Area residents and get them to try your business.


Events, promotions and contests aimed at the people of the Persian Gulf are an effective way to attract their attention and capitalize on an influential audience. Get the attention of your target audience and increase awareness of your location or business.

Digital marketing

At the center of the technological world, the people of the Gulf region are heavily influenced by social media and often turn to their phones. The right digital marketing agency and strategy allows companies to target key demographics where they are: on their phones.

Internet and mobile ads

Similarly, the right responsive online advertising allows you to present yourself to the right audience. Companies can find suitable platforms for their target audience, such as specific social media channels, online publications or websites that your audience typically visits.

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Video marketing and advertising

Video marketing is a popular source for attracting travel enthusiasts in the Gulf region and beyond. Whether you’re posting user-generated content on social media, promoting your resort’s benefits on your website, or showcasing your latest destination on YouTube, video is a popular marketing channel.

Other video advertising options include online and offline television (OTT and CTV) and curated videos.

Contact us to learn more about our video advertising options.

Announcement for printing

Print advertising continues to be a reliable source for educated and highly paid people looking for their next destination. This is especially effective for companies looking for travelers. For example, in the Hurst Bay area last year, more than 2 million weekly readers (SF Chronicle and SFGATE) used daily flights, and 1.5 million people used at least one domestic flight.

Print ads can help you find buzz in a digital world where audiences are actively searching for information.

Gulf Travel Marketing: Key Takeaways

  • The inhabitants of the bay are especially useful for tourists. People with more income than middle America, and especially post-pandemic, need travel for all generations.
  • There are many travelers with different goals and priorities in their travels. Remote work has allowed more workers to travel and bring laptops with them.
  • This experience is very important to most travelers in the Bay Area. You want to touch the culture and go on unforgettable adventures.
  • Luxury travel remains popular even with high prices. However, the growing segment of luxury travel has more to do with ecotourism than flash.
  • Digital marketing is critical to achieving this technology hub. A travel digital marketing agency has experience in managing a business and reaching the right audience with services.

How Hearst Bay Can Help.

Whether your tourism or hospitality business is local, international, out of state or overseas, we can help you stand out from the crowd in the Bay Area. We have experience in local (and national) markets and understand the strategies that deliver the best results.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring more travelers to the Bay Area.

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