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Movie Review: ‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’ Showcases Incredible Fighters


Movie Review: ‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’ Showcases Incredible Fighters

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Movie Review: 'Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday' Showcases Incredible Fighters
Movie Review: 'Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday' Showcases Incredible Fighters

LOS ANGELES, October 12 (UPI) – For fans who have followed Scott Adkins from the Undisputed and the Ninja series, Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday is the most anticipated series of the year. In some Friday theaters and on VOD, the film is more exciting than most studio tents.

Mike Fallon (Adkins) moves to Malta after being immersed in the killer world of London in the first film. Finiki meets his old friend Fred (Perry Benson), who follows the car online to Malta.

Fallon wisely declined the contract with Ms. Zuser (Flamina Klink), with Dante (George Forakers), the son of a mob boss. But he still contacted Zooser when Fallon was hired by Ms. Zooser to find the killer trying to get the contract money.

Indeed, recruiting is the wrong word. He kidnaps Fred and forces Fallon to take the job.

As expected, the second film, Misfortune Man, offers some great combat . This is not only a tool for Adkins, but also for other martial artists: some of the new inventors and those who have worked with Adkins.

One of Dante's assassins is Big Ray (Ray Stevenson), Fallon's mentor from the first film, who is still upset that Fallon has gone bad. So not only does Fallon have to protect Dante, he also has to clean up the mess from the first film.

Each assassin who hunts Dante has a unique personality. Accident Man is a comic strip, but Hitman's Holiday creates a cool new character.

Freya du Prez (Zara Fifian) combines machine guns and martial arts. Ghanaian assassin Yendi (Faisal Muhammad) calls himself a vampire and likes to taste blood. Fallon fights with an axe.

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San Francisco Gorge Silas (Peter Lee Thomas) uses his hands. Oyumi (Andy Long) is very fast in punching and turning.

But the killer who stands out is Poco the Killer Clown (Boo Fowler). As if the clown didn't bother him enough, this clown was armed with a concrete hammer and felt no pain, so only one last move would bother him.

Fallon has an ally in Siu-ling (Sarah Chang), a local man he hires to attack randomly, to keep an eye on him. It seemed like he would beat him up if he didn't have a definite word, but he helped him when the assassins came down.

All of this fight is complicated by Dante stumbling in the middle. Fallon must not only fend off the assassins, but also keep them away from Dante, who becomes an easy target.

The wild nature of the characters gives a good sense of humor in the film. Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday also expands the dark humor between the fight scenes .

Fallon is disappointed that he can't find Maltese in Malta and taunts Fred for being involved in a dating scam. He also enjoys seemingly accidental violent killings, hence his name.

But for all the violence and dark humor, Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday has heart. The friendship between Fallon and Fred is sincere and Fallon has to deal with his past with Big Ray.

Accident Man has always been Mike Fallon's plan to launch a series of adventures. If things can be as fun as Hitman's Holiday , then Adkins can count on Accident Man as another solid game.

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