Pepsi Announces Music Lab Bootcamp For NextGen Music Artists


Pepsi Announces Music Lab Bootcamp For NextGen Music Artists

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Pepsi Announces Music Lab Bootcamp For NextGen Music Artists

Pepsi has been working with some of the biggest names in music for decades. The popular soft drink company announced Thursday (October 20) the creation of a new music lab, PepsiCo, aimed at a new generation of musicians. The annual academy will be held from October 25 to 27 in New York.

The annual Music Boot Camp (initiated by the Music Project) aims to break down barriers in the music industry and nurture a new generation of superstars. The program aims to "encourage career growth for talent and provide emerging artists with new opportunities for performance, mentoring and training, brand-building workshops, professional content recording, radio appearances and more," according to a press release obtained by VIBE. .

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The upcoming 22-23 category consists of 12 musicians across genres from across the country, including the five members of Tik Tok Popstar . The list includes AKINYEMI (rap), Amira Unplugged (multi-genre), Brian W. (pop), Kane Lofton (multi-genre), GODBI (rap), Kebtesiger (hip-hop), Hayden (country) and Linya (Lina). doll)). ), NOHEMY (Latin pop), Oompa (hip hop), Sergio (Latin pop), and Tariq (hip hop).

Theater graduates will receive advice and insight from industry experts such as performance coach and choreographer Laurian Gibson, branding and marketing expert Larsell, visual storyteller Lenny C, and legendary musical visual innovator director H.

In partnership with UnitedMasters, the Music Lab helps students use music in TV shows, movies, commercials, games and digital media.

"Pepsi has a long history of helping great artists break through, shape pop culture and leave a lasting impression on us all," said Steve Stout, CEO and founder of United Masters. “By partnering closely with United Masters, Pepsi can create the next big moment by empowering a new generation of creatives and helping them develop their careers and develop their talents. Combining independent artists with this rich heritage into a brand is a recipe for creativity. for a new future of music."

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In addition to the gems 12 artists will receive, each student will complete boot camp with headshots from Lenny S., rockers, and more. Taking advantage of artists' musical work after the show, PepsiCo will continue to support the 22-23 category by providing performance opportunities, event launches and strategic plans to highlight their exposure and advance their careers.

“Pepsi is the brand with the world record for capturing the most iconic moments in music and pop culture. We are now excited to introduce a new generation of artists to the new Pepsi Music Lab,” said Pepsi. Marketing Director Todd Kaplan.

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"By breaking down barriers in the music industry, we can provide these talented artists with the resources, knowledge, opportunities and connections to accelerate their growth as musicians and enable them to achieve greater success – a truly positive impact, " he added. We believe that the future of artists will contribute to the development of the industry.

Pepsi is hosting a two-day virtual conference with top music industry professionals where up-and-coming artists can listen and learn. The day is not announced.

To learn more about Pepsi Music Lab, visit the official website and follow Pepsi on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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