OnPolitics: The Progression Of Education Policy In U.S. Politics


OnPolitics: The Progression Of Education Policy In U.S. Politics

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OnPolitics: The Progression Of Education Policy In U.S. Politics

Hello, OnPolitics readers! Amy with today's best stories in Washington.

For decades, Democrats have been seen as the "party of education," winning the trust of a majority of voters on issues related to public schools and how to pay for them.

However, at various points in history, Republicans have also intervened in educational matters, including complaining about the state of public schools and creating policies regarding charter schools and vouchers for private schools to compete with traditional public education.

How the IDP became stronger in education: Parents. The lack of consensus created an opportunity for Republicans, who were more proactive in using their fears about curriculum and education standards to engage parents.

Republicans are proactive in reaching out to parents as partisanship around education issues grows.

Conservatives participated in campaigns focused on critical race theory and won seats on several school boards.

Another wave of petitions is grappling with the same issues this cycle, some of which are aimed at LGBTQ+ education and school library content.

A summer poll of likely voters in 62 congressional battleground states shows Republicans leading Democrats in education.

Full View: Check out this chart of the full evolution of education policy in American politics.

Poll: Voters expect traffic jams

Voters have low expectations of what Republicans will do if they win a majority in the House of Representatives in November's elections, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll.

Four in 10, 42%, predict that "more partisanship would accomplish nothing" if power were shared between a GOP-controlled House of Representatives and a Democratic president. Only 19% said the situation would dictate more bipartisanship.

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The poll also found voters think the GOP-controlled House will investigate Hunter Biden. | Other survey results.

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  • Investigation continues: New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez faces a new federal investigation. The chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee was investigated for corruption 5 years ago.

The United States has a working-age mortality problem : Americans die younger than people in other high-income countries. While many blame drug overdoses, suicide rates and poor health habits, a new study suggests that politicians may play a bigger role than previously thought. To learn more about the reason for this connection, read the full story here.

This article originally appeared in USA Today: How education policy has changed over time in American politics

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