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Movie Review: Wendell & Wild Is Wonderfully Weird


Movie Review: Wendell & Wild Is Wonderfully Weird

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Movie Review: Wendell & Wild Is Wonderfully Weird

Some of the most creative animated films have appeared and Wendell & Wild is one of the few films on Netflix. Read Wendell and the Wild's spoiler-free stream on Netflix.

Wendell and Wilde are demons (Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key) who were cast out for betraying their father, Belzer (Ving Rams). Desperate to get rid of Belzer, they reach the land of the living and make a deal with a guilty and selfish teenager named Kat Elliott (Lyric Ross) so they can grow Belzer's hair. Kat survived a car accident and was left an orphan by her parents.

Kat is sent to a girls' school, called Wendell and Wilde, where she promises to repay her parents if she helps them in the land of the living. Cat agrees to the deal, but secrets are revealed, and the Claxon family who own land in Cat's small town are not who they say they are.

Wendell & Wild is unique in that it offers an interesting look at self-recrimination, guilt, and personal prisons. Feeling guilty about her parents' deaths, Kata was unable to make friends or interact with others because of what she believed to be her responsibilities. The new school doesn't dampen those feelings, but it's great to see that many of her classmates have decided to bond with Kat and they're not mean girls, they just want to get to know Kat. There is a clear outcry against marginalized and marginalized communities due to corporate land grabs.

Speaking of diversity: Wendell & Wild is an incredibly diverse animated film. Cat's social worker is Native American, her boyfriend Raul is trans, and the animators clearly had a lot of fun creating these characters from all walks of life. Although titled Wendell and Weil , this story is about Kat's trauma and the people who helped her through it.

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The stop motion animation aspect of Wendell & Wild is excellent. The mass afterlife scenes (in the literal sense of the word where souls go when they die) are really elaborate and beautiful. The film has dark and colorful moments, Kath's dreams of Wendell and wild or demonic dreams, the gallery after death, are truly amazing in this film.

Wendell & Wild is rated PG-13 and has drug addiction (Wendell and Wild eat hair cream and it gives them "visions") and there's a lot of talk about life and death.

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