Keith Urban Dishes On New Vegas Residency, Different Ways To Release Music: ‘There’s No Center Anymore’


Keith Urban Dishes On New Vegas Residency, Different Ways To Release Music: ‘There’s No Center Anymore’

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Keith Urban Plates New Vegas HQ, Different Ways to Release Music: "The Center Is No Longer"
Keith Urban Dishes On New Vegas Residency, Different Ways To Release Music: 'There's No Center Anymore'

Ross Harrington Keith Urban © People Courtesy of Ross Harrington Keith Urban

New show of this?

After a successful multi-year residency show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that was interrupted by COVID in 2020, Keith Urban is back in Sin City to start new production this spring.

This time around, the 13-time CMA Award winner will perform at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood for 16 nights with Keith Urban: The Las Vegas Residence .

“This space is set to a certain energy, which is probably a little better for what I do,” she told People exclusively. “I love the stadium atmosphere for the club and I think there is more rock ‘n’ roll in the space, so I’m going to take advantage of that.”

Coincidentally, Urban admits that he has struggled to house Vegas shows over the years. Everything changed when he had the opportunity to play his own show .

Keith Urban Plates New Vegas HQ, Different Ways to Release Music: "The Center Is No Longer" © People Contributing Keith Urban Dishes via New Vegas Residency Various ways to release music: “There is no center anymore”

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“I’ve been asked to do this before, but I always refused, because the stay looks like an episode of Severance , and I thought, ‘I don’t know if I was made for this. I needed to be impulsive and unpredictable, and I needed a certain energy,” he joked. When we finally got the residency at the end of 2019, I loved it and it changed.”

At the upcoming event, Urban will not only perform songs from his extensive catalog but also use his new material, such as “Wild Hearts,” “Brown Eyes Baby” and “Street Called Main.” And many more where it came from.

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“I probably have six songs pre-mixed, mixed and ready to play,” Urban says.

Although Urban has continued to release songs in recent years, he hasn’t released a studio album since 2020 . According to Urban, in this ever-changing world, there is no right or wrong way to release music.

“It’s hard because there’s no center anymore. There’s a time where you’re going to be like, ‘OK, here’s the song, we’re going to put this song on the radio, we’re going to do a music video, we’re going to do it on CMT’ — well he said. Maybe you do a little bit or a live version and then something.” Like that, it’s an official radio song, and then another song you wouldn’t shoot on the radio.”

“There are just endless possibilities. And if someone says, ‘Well, was this song a hit?’ they say, ‘Right now, there are about 20 different ways to define success,'” he added.

However, when it comes to new music, a few key people are always the first to hear his songs: his wife Nicole Kidman and daughters Sunday Rose, 14, and Faith Margaret, 11.

“Obviously [Nicole] and the family were listening to these songs because that’s where I first heard these songs,” he said. His vintage product is also at the top of the list.

Before moving to Vegas, Urban returned to Australia where he grew up.

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“This is where country music finally started to develop. It seems to have taken decades to get started,” Urban said. “This country has developed tremendously, and now there is a huge audience that wasn’t there before.”

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Urban remembers the early days of the Down Under tour, and talks about the people who sat through almost the entire show.

“We play in a yard here in America and everybody wakes up and every night feels like New Year’s Eve,” he said. “Then we went to Australia and there were a lot of people sitting and the atmosphere was different. Over the years we’ve been able to gradually change our audience and really get them excited and engaged, but I think the genre itself is really starting to explode.”Keith Urban: Headquarters in Las Vegas will open on March 3, 2023.

March 2023: 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 15, 17, 18.

June 2023: 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28 and 30 June

July 2023: 1

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