Giants Leave No Doubt By Avoiding Letdown With Allbusiness Approach


Giants Leave No Doubt By Avoiding Letdown With Allbusiness Approach

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Giants Leave No Doubt By Avoiding Letdown With Allbusiness Approach
Giants Leave No Doubt By Avoiding Letdown With Allbusiness Approach

It could happen otherwise. It may have gone wrong. The Giants had 14 days to burn their last game, which was underwhelming in Seattle. During the week before their date, they lost a vital part of their emotional DNA when Xavier McKinney, a security guard, had an ATV accident.

And the opponent … well, you’re not a good person if you don’t realize he’s not very good.

Everything could be at stake on a windy day at MetLife Stadium, the first day you had to admit that autumn was finally here, that winter was definitely behind us. All of which could conspire to sabotage the Giants, derailing their abrupt path to the playoffs. All of this can be like stepping on a hidden mousetrap.

None of this has happened. The Giants started the game as efficiently as possible: three defensive touchdowns, one attacking touchdown. The rest of the match could be tough, and the Giants may have had a hard time keeping the home crowd for the entire trip, as the next hour-long game show on the market was the incredible Bills Vikings game.

The Giants didn’t care. Business was at the forefront. They beat the Texans 1-7-1 24-16, improved to 7-2 and made sure there were no mysteries in the game by taking the lead for the first time this year.

“We did a lot of things right,” Giants manager Brian Daball said. “The boys played hard, they played physically, we ran in good time. This is a great team victory.”

Daball had extra motivation because his youngest daughter, Avery, was celebrating her birthday and asked for the winning ball as a gift.

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“Let’s talk about pressure,” he said.

The motivation of the Giants is simply to launch the perfect game, and they did. Daniel Jones had a career high passing score of 153.3, completed 13 out of 17 passes (two touchdowns) and flipped the ball more than 42 times. 35 of those went through the ultra-reliable hands of Saquon Barkley, who pitched for 152 yards and a touchdown.

“It was fun,” Jones said of his night. “To see how the guys measured their strength, they did a great job, they checked the line. We had a great plan and Saquon did a great job.

Daball paled a little when someone suggested the word “conservative” to describe the game plan he had for Houston.

“We tried to do what we thought,” Daboll said. “Every week we do what we think about this particular game. If it’s 60 steps, that’s 60 steps. I wouldn’t define it, we’re doing our best to come up with a plan.

In fact, that’s exactly what the Giants had to do against a Texas team whose record reflects that very well. The Giants were strong enough to pass the ball on defense and dominate on offense. So why risk mistakes on both sides that would allow the Texans to stay in the game?

So if it was a glass of vanilla … well, vanilla can be delicious too, right?

“We have a lot of players with chips on our shoulders,” said Giants linebacker Kaiwon Thibodeau. “We have a lot of players who want to play with their backs.

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It’s also an interesting mix of veterans who have nothing but losses against the Giants and rookies who have only made it through the first nine games of this season. But even after tasting success, they know how fragile it is.

It was the first game in a long time that they hadn’t walked. And while there wasn’t a moment in the first half when Jones found Lawrence Keijer to take them 7-0 lead, the Giants thought they were in danger of losing, which led to another win. came first

Keiger, ex Jet, represents another element of the Giants that has become a real strength: guys who take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Buffalo’s latest pick Isaiah Hodgins was another (two catches, 41 yards), as was McKinney’s tight end Dane Belton, who sacked Houston quarterback Davis Mills, robbing the Texans of hope of their last legitimate for a miracle.

The giants? They don’t need a miracle. They show up and compete every week. It’s not worth saving every week for historical society. 7-2, not a soul in the blue business. At all.

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