Ukraine News: Explosions Rock Multiple Cities As Russia Launches ‘100 Missiles


Ukraine News: Explosions Rock Multiple Cities As Russia Launches ‘100 Missiles

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Ukraine News: Explosions Rock Multiple Cities As Russia Launches ‘100 Missiles
Ukraine News: Explosions Rock Multiple Cities As Russia Launches ‘100 Missiles

Russia launched its biggest missile attack on Ukraine since the start of the war, hitting several cities and injuring civilians.

Alyaksei Orestovich, adviser to the administration of the country's president, wrote on Facebook: "Wide air strikes. More than 100 missiles in different channels.

Three people were injured in Kyiv, and explosions thundered in the nearby cities of Zhytomyr and Odesa. The blackout affected Odesa and Dpropetrovsk regions.

Earlier, the Russian troops resumed the attack on Kherson, shelling the strategically important city with mortars and artillery.

Ukraine's armed forces said Russian forces bombed more than 25 settlements around Kherson and Zaporizhia, killing civilians and damaging homes.

However, the high command of the Ukrainian army reported that several Russian forces are also leaving their positions in the vicinity of Zaporizhia.

During that time, a Ukrainian missile fell on the territory of Belarus, reports the Belarusian state news agency.

Minsk's Defense Ministry said it was investigating whether its air defense systems shot down the missile after a news agency published a photo of parts of S-300 missiles in the area.

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important aspect

03:37 , Arpan Rai

Good morning and welcome to the Thursday, December 29 briefing on the war in Ukraine.

There is no bloody place in Bakhmut

04:01 , Arpan Roy

Vladimir Zelensky said that "there is no place that is not covered with blood" in the frontline city of Bakhmut.

The president of Ukraine added that "several" civilians remained in the eastern city of Donetsk region.

"Last year, 70 thousand people lived there. Now there are a few civilians left," he said in a telegram.

"There is no place in blood. There is no such hour that the terrible roar of guns is not heard. It's worth it though.

Kherson was again bombed and shelled

04:39 , Arpan Rai

Russian troops intensified mortar and artillery shelling of the city of Kherson.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the bombers hit more than 25 settlements around Kherson and Zaporizhia, adding that the ongoing shelling had resulted in civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.

Russia rejects Zelensky's "peace formula".

05:05 , Arpan Rai

Russia will not use Vladimir Zelensky's "peace resolution" as a basis for negotiations on the end of the war in Ukraine, Moscow's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced today.

The prime minister of Putin's government added that, in his opinion, Kiev is not yet ready for real peace negotiations.

He added that the idea of ​​Ukraine expelling Russia from the east and Crimea with the help of the West is an "illusion," despite reports from the ground showing a fierce counterattack by Ukrainian troops fighting there. summer

Russian troops are likely to be in the vicinity of Bakhmut, an American think tank

05:13 , Arpan Rai

Experts observing the fierce battles in the Bakhmut region of eastern Ukraine estimate that Russian troops are, for obvious reasons, the main military forces of Ukraine, which can easily go to the front line.

The US Institute for the Study of War, citing statistics, said: "Ukraine's high-ranking officials visit forward positions unhindered."

"Russian Air Force Says It's Reinforcing Wagner" and Russian troops "are operating due to combat losses in squadron strike groups," indicating that the war is slowly winding down.

"Powerful Russian forces may be advancing, but are unlikely to achieve significant operational success," the statement said.

A former British soldier who fought in Ukraine saved his friend's body

05:34 , Arpan Rai

A former British soldier has returned to the UK after fleeing Russian shelling in Ukraine.

40-year-old Sharif Amin, Rambo, who was shot by Putin's forces in October, was injured in the limb.

He was buried under the corpses of his fellow soldiers in a trench, but he managed to get out before going abroad for treatment.

Now he is finally back in the UK after being airlifted and undergoing reconstructive surgery.

A former British soldier who fought in Ukraine saved his friend's body

Air strike alarms sounded in Ukraine

06:17 , Arpan Rai

Early this morning, officials announced airstrikes in all regions of Ukraine, including occupied Crimea, writes The Kyiv Independent.

People were ordered to take cover immediately.

Russia is sending new ships to the Black Sea

06:24 , Arpan Rai

Russia has sent additional ships, including two surface and underwater missile boats, for combat operations in the Black Sea, Ukraine's Southern Operational Command reported today.

They added that the ship is equipped with 20 caliber missiles.

Russia is fighting an air threat on its territory

06:47 , Arpan Roy

Russia is scrambling to counter domestic air threats and protect a strategic air base, Britain's Ministry of Defense said today, citing Monday's attack on Anglesey Air Base, the second attack in three weeks.

"Russia has long placed great emphasis on maintaining advanced ground-based air defenses, but it is increasingly clear that Russia is struggling to counter domestic air threats," the ministry said in a recent intelligence report.

Russian media reported that suspected unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) attacked a facility at one of the main operational bases of the Russian strategic bomber.

"Russia's challenge will most likely be the extraordinary demand for modern air defense systems, such as the SA-22 Pantsir, which should play an important role in the fight against drones," the Ministry of Defense said.

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He added: "In addition to providing specific protection to strategic locations like Engels, these systems are now needed in large numbers to protect field headquarters near the front line in Ukraine."

Several regions of Ukraine were shelled

07:28 , Holly Bancroft

Several regions of Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, were hit by several rockets this morning.

Air raid sirens sounded across the country, and in Kyiv the regional state administration announced that anti-aircraft defense measures had been deployed to repel the ongoing attack.

The attack was the latest in a series of Russian attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Moscow has been carrying out these attacks every week since October.

"More than 100 missiles".

08:01 , Holly Bancroft

Early in the morning, Ukraine was shocked by a new wave of Russian missile strikes, explosions were heard in several cities.

Alexi Orestovich, adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook: "Large-scale airstrikes. More than 100 missiles in different channels.

Local media and Reuters report that explosions were heard in Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Odessa. There were also power outages in Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Authorities said they were cutting power to limit damage to critical infrastructure if it was damaged.

A Russian missile hit Kharkiv

08:29 , Holly Bancroft

The mayor of Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, said Thursday that a Russian missile hit the city and caused several explosions.

Ihar Tserakhov said that officials are investigating who was injured and whether there are any victims.

Missile launch from the Black Sea

09:11 , Holly Bancroft

Alexander Vilkul, head of the Krivi Rih military command, said that the Russian "missile strikes from ships and planes" were probably delivered from the Black Sea.

He added that the powers of the council were suspended "as a preventive measure".

The southern command of Ukraine warned before the attack that the Russian troops were going to launch 20 rockets from the positions of the Black Sea.

The first picture of the missile attack on Kiev

10:02 AM by Holly Bancroft

The first images of the damage of the Russian missile attack on Kiev this morning have appeared.

More information on the scale of the morning attack

10:15 a.m. , Holly Bancroft

Ukraine's air force said the Russian attack was supported by sea-based and air-to-air cruise missiles fired from "various directions" and accompanied by kamikaze drones.

The adviser to the president, Mikhail Podoliak, estimated that more than 120 missiles were fired. The latest move came shortly after the Kremlin rejected a peace plan for Ukraine, insisting that Kiev should take four regions of Ukraine from Russia.

"Two private guards were injured by fragments of a projectile that fell in the Darnytskyi region," the Kyiv city military administration's Telegram said.

The mayor of Kyiv announced that 16 rockets were launched in the direction of the capital. The mayor of Lviv reported in a telegram that 90% of his city is without electricity, and electric public transport is not working.

Anti-aircraft defense units shot down 21 missiles in the southwest of Ukraine's Odesa region, Governor Maxim Marchena said.

Two people were injured as a result of Russian troops firing in Kherson

10:29 AM by Holly Bancroft

Kirill Tymoshenko, the deputy chief of staff of the president of Ukraine, said that two people were injured as a result of the attack on the Kherson medical center.

He wrote in Telegram. "Medical facilities are bombed almost every day. There was a hospital the other day. Today, as a result of the bombardment of the city by the Russian troops, the regional cardiology dispensary was damaged.

"Two people were injured: the security officer and the boiler house employee. The roof, windows and facade of the building were destroyed.

The Ukrainian military reported that they shot down 54 Russian missiles

10:45 , Holly Bancroft

Ukraine's armed forces said they shot down 54 of the 69 missiles fired by Russia in recent airstrikes.

"This morning, the aggressor hit the facilities of the energy infrastructure of our country with sea and air cruise missiles, S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles," Ukrainian Major General Valery Zaluzhny wrote in the telegram.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine issued a statement after the Russian missile strike

11:01 , Holly Bancroft

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sent a message of protest this morning after Russia sent "more than 100 missiles" to Ukraine.

They said: "Russian terrorists are postponing the biggest missile strike since the beginning of the large-scale attack until the last days of the year.

"Ukrainians dream of welcoming the New Year in dark and cold conditions. But they cannot defeat the Ukrainian people.

The struggle between Russia and Ukraine has reached a stalemate

11:16 , Holly Bancroft

The head of Ukraine's military intelligence announced that military operations between Russia and Ukraine have reached a deadlock.

Kirill Budanov told the BBC that "the situation has hardly stopped" as Kiev expects better weapons from its Western allies.

He said that Russia has "completely stopped now" and is suffering great losses. However, Ukrainian forces are moving forward with difficulty, he added.

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"We cannot massively overcome them in all areas. They too. We are looking forward to the arrival of new and more advanced weapons," said Mr. Budanov.

He denied the news that Russia is planning to invade Belarus. The other day, a train carrying Russian soldiers stopped near the border between Belarus and Ukraine, and then turned back.

“We put it out there for everyone to see throughout the day, even though [we] didn't want to. At the moment, I see no signs of preparations for an attack by Kiev or Belarus in the north."

54 out of 69 missiles were hit during the morning attack in Ukraine

11:21 , Matt Mathers

In the latest series of airstrikes, 54 of the 69 missiles launched by Russia were shot down by Ukraine, the Ukrainian military said.

"This morning, the aggressor launched air and sea cruise missiles, S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles in the direction of the energy infrastructure facilities of our country," Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny wrote in a telegram.

Ambassador of Great Britain to Ukraine. Russia does not want peace

11:40 , Hollywood Bancroft

In response to the latest Russian missile attack, the British ambassador to Ukraine said that Moscow "does not want peace with Ukraine".

In a statement on Twitter, Melinda Simmons said: "Russian missiles were fired at Ukraine, including Kiev and Lviv. wounded citizen Russia rejected Zelensky's peace plan. Russia does not want peace with Ukraine.

"Russia wants to subjugate Ukraine".

The state information agency of Belarus reported that a Ukrainian missile fell in Belarus.

12:16 Matt Mathers

Belarusian news agency Belta reported that a Ukrainian S-300 missile fell on its territory on Thursday in the largest Russian missile attack on Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

The Ministry of Defense of Minsk found out whether the missile was shot down by the Belarusian air defense system or was a misfire.

The incident took place between 10:00 and 11:00 (07:00-08:00 GMT), at the same time Russia fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine.

As Belta reports, the missile that landed in Belarus was launched from the territory of Ukraine. He published a photo of S-300 missile parts lying in an empty agricultural field.

As BelTA reports, there is no information about the victims.

The S-300 is a Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile used by both Russia and Ukraine. In November, the С-300 aircraft launched by the Ukrainian Air Force landed in Poland.

Kiev has used the system to intercept Russian missiles, while Russia appears to have used remanufactured S-300 missiles to hit land targets, which military analysts say could be a sign that its missile stockpile is running low.

Belarus allowed Moscow to use its territory as a staging ground to invade Ukraine in February, but insisted it was not involved in the war and would not be.

The Italian Prime Minister hopes that Russia will understand the "big mistake".

12:41 Matt Mathers

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Thursday that she believes and hopes that Russia has realized the "big mistake" it made in invading Ukraine, and until then Rome will support Kiev in its military campaign.

At the traditional closing press conference of Prime Minister Maloney, he told reporters. "We will protect Ukraine's international rights, sovereignty and independence.

Russia has announced that it shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle near an English airbase

1:00 p.m., Matt Mathers

The governor of the Russian region reported on Thursday that the anti-aircraft defense system shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle near the British airbase where the Durpallar strategic bombers are located.

Russia says Ukraine has already tried to attack the base twice this month, killing at least six Russian servicemen, although two planes were slightly damaged.

The base is located near Saratov, 730 kilometers southeast of Moscow and several hundred kilometers from the Ukrainian front.

On Thursday, the governor of Saratov region, Roman Busergin, wrote in a telegram: "An unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by anti-aircraft systems in Engels region."

According to him, although the residential building was damaged by debris, there were no casualties. Information was spread on social networks that local residents reported the explosion and heard the sounds of an airstrike.

Belarus's statement regarding the landing of a "Ukrainian missile" on its territory.

13:57 , Matt Mathers

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus issued a statement after state media reported that a Ukrainian missile had landed on its territory.

The ministry said on Thursday that the missile was fired at around 10 a.m. (0700 GMT) near the village of Garbakh in the Brest region, about 15 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

"The shrapnel was found in an agricultural field… the examination revealed that the shrapnel belongs to the С-300 anti-aircraft missile."

The incident took place when Russia carried out another missile attack on Ukrainian cities.

Moscow does not want peace, the British ambassador said

13:18 , Jane Dalton

Ռուսաստանը ցանկանում է ենթարկել Ուկրաինային և մերժել է նախագահ Զելենսկու խաղաղության ծրագիրը, հայտարարել է Կիևում Մեծ Բրիտանիայի դեսպանը։

Մելինդա Սիմոնսը զգուշացրել է, որ Ռուսաստանը խաղաղություն չի ցանկանում այն ​​բանից հետո, երբ Մոսկվան նոր հրթիռային հարվածներ է հասցրել Ուկրաինային՝ վիրավորելով խաղաղ բնակիչներին։

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Պուտինը ղեկավարել է նոր ռազմանավերի կառուցումը

13:42 , Ջեյն Դալթոն

Վլադիմիր Պուտինը խոստացել է էլ ավելի ուժեղացնել իր երկրի նավատորմը՝ ասելով. «Մենք կարագացնենք և կավելացնենք տարբեր նախագծերի նավերի կառուցման ծավալները, կհամալրենք դրանք ամենաժամանակակից սպառազինությամբ, կանցկացնենք օպերատիվ և մարտական ​​պատրաստություն՝ օգտագործելով ձեռք բերված փորձը։ ռազմական հատուկ գործողություն»։

Պուտինը վերահսկում է Ռուսաստանի ռազմածովային ուժերի նոր նավերի ներմուծումը

«Մենք կարող ենք դիմակայել բռնակալությանը»

14:13 , Մեթ Մաթերս

Ուկրաինայի պայքարը Պուտինի պատերազմի դեմ ցույց է տալիս, որ «մենք կարող ենք դիմակայել բռնակալությանը», – ասել է Ջեյմս Քլևերլին։

Մեծ Բրիտանիայի արտաքին գործերի նախարարության ղեկավարը հետծննդյան ուղերձում ասել է, որ 2022 թվականը կհիշվի Ռուսաստանի «անօրինական ներխուժմամբ» Ուկրաինա։

«Պուտինի հետ պատերազմը ցույց տվեց աշխարհին, որ բացառիկ ուժի և քաջության շնորհիվ մենք կարող ենք դիմակայել բռնակալությանը», – ասաց նա։

Բելառուսի պաշտպանության նախարարությունը հայտարարություն է տարածել «տարածքում ուկրաինական հրթիռի ընկնելուց» հետո.

14:45 , Մեթ Մաթերս

Բելառուսի պաշտպանության նախարարությունը հայտարարություն է տարածել այն բանից հետո, երբ պետական ​​լրատվամիջոցները հայտնել են, որ իր տարածքում ուկրաինական հրթիռ է ընկել։

Міністэрства абароны Беларусі паведаміла ў чацвер, што каля 10 раніцы (07:00 па Грынвічы) збіла ракету ў раёне вёскі Гарбачы Брэсцкага раёна, прыкладна ў 15 км ад мяжы з Украінай.

«На сельскагаспадарчым полі знойдзены аскепкі… У ходзе праверкі ўстаноўлена, што аскепкі належаць зенітнай кіраванай ракеты С-300, выпушчанай з тэрыторыі Украіны», — гаворыцца ў паведамленні ведамства.

Інцыдэнт адбыўся ў той самы час, калі Расея пачала апошнюю сэрыю ракетных удараў па гарадах Украіны.

Пуцін пагражае Украіне «ядзерным шантажом», але свет не павінен здавацца, лічаць гісторыкі

15:10 , Мэт Мэтэрс

Амерыканскі акадэмік Цімаці Снайдэр кажа Кіму Сенгуптэ , што ўкраінцы змагаюцца за дэмакратычны свет.

Цалкам інтэрв'ю чытайце тут:

«Пуцін пагражае ядзерным шантажом, але свет не павінен здавацца»

Расія павінна сутыкнуцца з доўгатэрміновымі наступствамі для Украіны – міністр абароны Вялікабрытаніі

15:40 , Мэт Мэтэрс

Міністр абароны Бэн Уоллес заявіў, што Расея павінна сутыкнуцца з «доўгатэрміновымі наступствамі» сваіх дзеянняў ва Украіне, паколькі Масква працягвае наносіць ракетныя ўдары па ўкраінскай інфраструктуры.

Г-н Уолес сказаў, што Вялікабрытанія працягвае аказваць ваенную дапамогу ўраду ў Кіеве, і ў наступным годзе павінна быць аказана падтрымка ў памеры яшчэ 2,3 мільярда фунтаў, каб дапамагчы яму набыць неабходнае ўзбраенне.

У Гевіна Кордона ёсць гісторыя:

Расія павінна сутыкнуцца з доўгатэрміновымі наступствамі для Украіны, лічыць Уоллес

Украіна крытыкуе «бясмысленнае барварства» ракетных абстрэлаў у чацвер

16:00 , Мэт Мэтэрс

Украіна раскрытыкавала «бессэнсоўнае варварства» Расеі пасьля таго, як маскоўскія войскі выпусьцілі дзясяткі ракет падчас новай атакі ў чацьвер.

«Бесмысленное барварство», — напісаў у Твітэр міністр замежных спраў Украіны Дзмітрый Кулеба.

«Гэта адзіныя словы, якія прыходзяць у галаву, калі напярэдадні Новага года Расея наносіць чарговы ракетны ўдар па мірных украінскіх гарадах», — дадаў ён.

Украінскія вайскоўцы заявілі, што збілі 54 ракеты з 69 запушчаных Расеяй. Па Украіне загучалі сірэны – пяць гадзін у Кіеве.

Официальные лица ранее заявляли, что во время штурма было выпущено более 120 ракет.

Нет никаких признаков того, что Россия хочет мира на Украине, – Мелони

16:20 , Мэтт Мазерс

Нет никаких особых признаков того, что Россия хочет мира на Украине, заявила в четверг премьер-министр Италии Джорджия Мелони, призвав продолжать международную поддержку Киева.

Мелони сказал, что твердая поддержка Украины является ключевым условием для поддержания баланса сил на поле боя и, следовательно, для создания условий для мира.

Выступая на итоговой пресс-конференции, г-жа Мелони также заявила, что намерена посетить украинскую столицу до годовщины российского вторжения, которое началось 24 февраля.

Послеобеденное повторение

16:40 , Мэтт Мазерс

Россия выпустила десятки ракет по Украине рано утром в четверг, нацелившись на столицу Киев, Львов и Одессу на западе, а также другие города в ходе одной из своих крупнейших воздушных бомбардировок, в результате которой люди бросились в убежища, а электричество было отключено.


* Украинские военные заявили, что сбили 54 ракеты из 69, выпущенных Россией. Москва обстреляла крылатыми ракетами воздушного и морского базирования, зенитными управляемыми ракетами и ЗРК С-300 объекты энергетической инфраструктуры в восточном, центральном, западном и южном регионах. Атаки последовали за ночной атакой дронов-камикадзе.

* Премьер-министр Украины Денис Шмыгаль заявил, что энергетические объекты повреждены и могут быть введены аварийные отключения во избежание аварий в сетях.

* В Киеве осколками сбитых ракет поражены жилые дома, а также бизнес и детская площадка. По данным властей, в результате обстрелов города пострадали три человека. Жилые дома в Запорожье также пострадали.

* Министерство обороны Беларуси заявило, что его средства ПВО сбили украинскую ракету С-300 в поле во время одного из крупнейших ракетных ударов России по Украине с начала войны.


* Нет особых признаков того, что Россия хочет мира на Украине, заявила премьер-министр Италии Джорджия Мелони, призвав международную поддержку Киева продолжаться.

* Президент Украины Владимир Зеленский призвал парламент страны сохранять единство и похвалил украинцев за то, что они помогли Западу «снова обрести себя».

* Кремль отклонил мирный план Зеленского из 10 пунктов, повторив, что предложения по прекращению конфликта должны принять аннексию Россией четырех украинских областей: Луганской и Донецкой на востоке и Херсонской и Запорожской на юге.

* Россия объявила, что запретит продажу нефти странам, которые соблюдают ценовой потолок, введенный в этом месяце Западом.


«Бессмысленное варварство. Это единственные слова, которые приходят на ум, когда Россия запускает очередной ракетный обстрел мирных украинских городов в преддверии Нового года», — заявил министр иностранных дел Украины Дмитрий Кулеба.

Взрывы прогремели на военных базах в глубине территории России | Новости ДВ

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