Canceled Flight And Travel Delays: How To Get Refunds, Reimbursements And More


Canceled Flight And Travel Delays: How To Get Refunds, Reimbursements And More

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Canceled Flight And Travel Delays: How To Get Refunds, Reimbursements And More
Canceled Flight And Travel Delays: How To Get Refunds, Reimbursements And More

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Flight cancellations and delays have become more common this winter, but flight problems don't mean you have to lose your mind.

The big picture. Many airlines have different refund, refund and delay policies to help people who have to wait days if not for a flight.

Last flights and delays

There have already been several flight cancellations and delays for US travelers.

  • Thousands of flights were delayed and canceled on Wednesday, January 11, when the FAA's notification system to alert pilots went down overnight, causing major disruptions.
  • In the year During the 2022 holiday season , Southwest Airlines customers experienced significant flight delays and cancellations due to severe weather and technical issues.
  • Severe winter storms have forced many other airlines to introduce refund and cancellation policies for travelers .

What if your flight is canceled or delayed?

If your flight is delayed for a few hours or overnight, there are several steps you can take.

Check flight status. Scott Keyes, founder of Scott Cheap Flights, told CNN that updating your flight status via text message can help you avoid getting stuck at the airport.

Check your airline's policy. Nothing is more important than asking your airline about next steps. You can check online or scan the airline's app to find out what's going on at the airport.

Contact your airline. Nick Ewen, director of content for The Points Guy, told US News that travelers should contact their airlines for assistance if canceled or delayed.

Talk to customer representatives. Department of Transportation (DOT) travelers can "prepare meals and hotel rooms for overbooked passengers," as well as assist with baggage claims, handle complaints and write overbooked checks. You need to talk to them. Customer representatives. Your flight has been cancelled.

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Return tickets. what to do?

What you need to know. According to the DOT, if an airline cancels a flight for any reason, consumers may be reimbursed if the consumer chooses not to fly.

  • Consumers may receive compensation for "extreme delays," according to the DOT. However, DOT does not clearly define what constitutes a "substantial delay." Refunds will be processed individually.
  • Travelers can purchase fully refundable tickets and get a refund if they don't use the ticket for their trip.

HOW IT WORKS According to the DOT, travelers should contact their airline or ticket agent if they believe they may be eligible for a refund.

How to pay for food, hotel compensation

Details. The DOT Airline Customer Service Panel explains what rights travelers have in the event of a delay or cancellation, including hotel and transportation needs.

  • In some cases, such as delays of three or more hours, travelers may be eligible for food vouchers or cash, according to the DOT.
  • If you are flying on another day, many airlines offer hotel accommodation.
  • The airlines have promised to provide these vouchers and cover the costs. If you believe you are entitled to such benefits, please contact your agent or ticket sales representative.

How to file a complaint with the DOT

Add up. The Department of Transportation and Transportation (DOT) has a website where travelers can complain about unresolved issues at airports.

  • The department has announced that they will receive complaints within 30 days and reply within 60 days.

Travel insurance

You can order travel insurance in advance to avoid problems. Some credit cards offer free travel insurance as a bonus.

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Yes, but. analyst Ted Rossman told Axios that there are many things to travel insurance.

  • "For example, credit cards that offer travel insurance can be very beneficial," Rossman said. Ironically, I think Southwest's loss doesn't fit most cards. different"
  • "Insurance doesn't stop you from traveling, but it helps you stay a little sane if things go wrong," Sarah Ratner, travel and credit card expert at NerdWallet, told Axios.

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